Thom Browne designer eyeglasses: American design, made in Japan

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Thom Browne Fashionable Eyewear: American Design, Made In Japan
Thom Browne is an American design from New York

Thom Browne fashionable eyewear is a product of the American designer Thom Browne. He was born in 1965 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and is the founder and head designer. In essence, it is a fashion company that makes eyewear for men and women from New York City.

The beginning of Thom Browne

Talking about the early days of Thom Browne, he moved to New York City in 1997 for a job as a salesman in the showroom of Giorgio Armani’s. Browne was at Club Monaco, the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation brand, to lead their creative development team. Before launching its label, Thom Browne spent several years at Club Monaco leading its design department.

From Giorgio Armani's salesman, to owner of his own company
From Giorgio Armani’s salesman, to owner of his own company

By making its iconic shrunken suits with shorts combo, Thom Browne has changed the fashion market by becoming one of the most influential designers. And he became widely recognized for his womenswear after US first lady Michelle Obama wore one of his designs to the 2013 presidential inauguration.

Thom Browne signature tricolour of red, white, and blue
Thom Browne signature tricolour of red, white, and blue

The Thom Browne fashionable eyewear

Thom Browne eyewear with its nostalgia designs
Thom Browne eyewear with its nostalgia designs

Thom Browne eyewear has successfully hit the world with its unabashed nostalgia designs. And it has done so by paying homage to aviators, wayfarers, and vintage round shapes. The company introduced the eyewear industry to timeless styles that pioneered with modern detailing.

The eyewear collection comes infused with modern design, innovation and attention to the detail of Thom Browne’s clothing range. The eyeglasses are designed with the individual wearer in mind. The professionals at the company always seek to attest their trendy spectacles with eye-catching modern features. And they do so by including classic shapes. Furthermore, there is much detailing, with the meshed side panels, precious metals, and reflective lenses. Thom Browne commits to providing one of the best-crafted high-quality frames engineered to last a lifetime.

Premium eyewear

Thom Browne eyewear collection is inspired with past and future designs
Thom Browne eyewear collection is inspired with past and future designs

This premium eyewear is something that you cannot ignore. People who admire wearing trendy spectacles and top brand glasses might be familiar with the brand’s collection. Thom Browne is famous for revolutionizing American fashion since 2003.

The eyewear is also iconic and stylish. The eyewear collection that the brand displays is unique and comes inspired with past and future designs. Their sunglasses are quite popular among famous Hollywood celebrities such as Pharrel Williams, Joseph Gorden-Levitt, and Chris Brown. They are fans of this iconic style that enclose this prestigious brand.

The exclusive eyewear collection takes its inspiration from the designs in the past. And from there, it integrates them with the hippiest fashion trends. In addition, the glasses come with a certificate of authenticity directly from the manufacturer.

Thom Browne collaboration with DITA

Thom Browne worked with the DITA co-founders
Thom Browne worked with the DITA co-founders

The recent collection comes with all its signature detailing that one can expect from this New York brand. If you have ever admired boulder frames, then you may be already aware of Thom Browne eyeglasses. And if you noticed some affinity with DITA eyewear, that should not suprise you. Thom Browne worked with the DITA co-founders to make the frames that are of high quality and craftsmanship.

The collaboration of Thom Browne with DITA still lives up to this day. The eyewear that the brand now makes has the flair of their partner company that is DITA. The TB-108-A SUN design features a top bar that is the signature of the DITA eyewear collection. Thom Browne’s idea has just bought uniqueness to this pair of glasses. Each pair of this fashion eyewear brand is a perfect blend of classic and modern, rare but exhilarating.

Famous eyewear collections by Thom Browne

Thome Browne gets a unique kind of name for each pair of glasses
Thome Browne gets a unique kind of name for each pair of glasses

Let us discuss a few of the most popular designs by the brand. The authentic Thom Browne ‘TB-015 Polarized TB-015B-T’ polarized sunglasses get shiny 12K Gold/Black metal frames. The sunglasses by the brand are the perfect way to shield your eyes. And they also protect from harmful UV rays while maintaining their fashionable look.

Each pair of the glasses made in this company is so bold that any wearer would feel ready to outrun a crop duster. The ‘TB-906-2’ glasses by the brand comes with a simple design that is so classic that it could easily hold the moment.

The much interesting fact of the Thome Browne eyewear glasses is that they get a unique kind of name for each pair of glasses. They do not have any descriptive names likes other eyewear brands have. The reason here is probably that the company lets its design speak for itself. Free from any preconceived connotations, this eyewear fits the wearer at their style.

To provide unique styling to each pair of eyewear, the company uses certain classic elements that embrace a striking appearance. The modern touch in these fashion eyewear uses various elements. For example, the perforated gold-side shield in their ‘TB-808-A SUN’ sunglasses.

The materials

Time-cured acetate and titanium marked with the signature red, white, and blue logo
Time-cured acetate and titanium marked with the signature red, white, and blue logo

Talking about the materials, Thom Browne uses a harmonious combination of metal and high-quality acetate crafted in Japan’s production house. In detail, each frame by Thom Browne is a symbol of beautiful work finished with the brand’s signature tricolour tips of red, white, and blue.

Every pair is made in Japan by using the best materials. As an illustration, Thom Browne uses time-cured acetate and titanium marked with their signature red, white, and blue logo on a four stripe hinge. Furthermore, every detail on each eyewear is carefully forged in opulent gold and silver.

Thom Browne believes that every individual requires a distinguished pair of glasses. So, it is not possible that every frame that an individual wears will look attractive on them. If you want a perfect pair of glasses, you might consider various options and choose what looks best. Thom Browne believes in being true to yourself, and this is the philosophy on which he works.

The fashion eyewear that Thom Browne makes is not just about its looks. It is also about the comfort and feels that these premium glasses provide. There is no wonder that the Thom Browne has gained so much popularity worldwide in a short period. The eyewear collection comes featured with around 20 styles. They draw inspiration from the studio artists, architects, and professors of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. These frames are specifically designed in a way that will provide you with the retro look you are looking for without compromising on the modern traits that must be present in the pair of glasses. To finish the look of these top fashion glasses, the company uses natural horn brow bars and cable temples.


Thom Browne fashionable eyewear has timeless yet quirky appeal
Thom Browne fashionable eyewear has timeless yet quirky appeal

Thom Browne always wanted his brand to represent itself as ‘Being True to Yourself’. Without any formal fashion design training, Thom Browne has tasted success by being true to his passions and utilizing his talents in the best way possible.

Without having any prior training, he started his line and became the pinnacle in advancing global fashion trends. As can be seen, his idea to launch his eyewear collection was extremely successful. At this point, eyewear enthusiasts know and love Thom Browne glasses.

Each pair of Thom Browne fashionable eyewear makes its wearer stand out of the crowd with timeless yet quirky appeal. The brand celebrates making the unique frame for each wearer by engineering their frames, so they sit seamlessly with your features.

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