Snap Spectacles with prescription

by Visio Optical

Snap Spectacles With Prescription
Snap Spectacles With Prescription

If you are looking for an intriguing, spectacular and one of a kind pair of smart glasses, you might want to consider Snap Spectacles. They are specially designed to suit any social media addict’s needs, while their appearance is rather fancy.

And you don’t need to worry if you need prescription. Although Visio Optical is not a distributor of smart glasses, we offer custom prescription lenses for Snap Spectacles.

Snap Spectacles are produced by Snap, the company that runs the famous Snapchat application. The initial pair of Snap’s Spectacles had a bright look and a multitude of tech features. Most important, it allowed users to access instantly social media apps. Yet quite recently Snapchat released Snap Spectacles 2.

What are smart glasses?

Snap Spectacles With Prescription
Snap Spectacles With Prescription

Smart glasses represent wearable computer glasses that offer information about what the wearer sees. They collect info with the aid of sensors with the purpose of forwarding such data to computers or applications.

These are great for those that spend a lot of time on social media. And for those who want to share live or accurate content with real-time activities. One of the most notable innovation in the field of wearable devices is Snap Spectacles.

What are Snap Spectacles?

Snap Spectacles With Prescription
Snap Spectacles With Prescription

Snap Spectacles act as a pair of sunglasses with embedded camera. The camera has the ability to capture your world with the aid of Snapchat photo and video-sharing app. Snap Spectacles feature a filming angle of 115 degrees, which resembles accurately what the wearer sees. These smart sunglasses are compatible with both iOS and Android.

With the new and upgraded version, Snap Spectacles are still smart glasses and they still function with the Snapchat app. They have polarized lenses, a rather traditional appearance, along with a black case instead of the bright yellow hard case. Anyhow, since this Snapchat smart glasses appeared on the market, they experienced several transformations in regards to their design.

Snap Spectacles Version 1

  • Available in one design: Original (black, coral and teal);
  • Not water-resistant;
  • With a 1088×1088 HD video resolution and basic transfer in SD
  • It does not have a photo capture feature.

Snap Spectacles Version 2

  • Available in 3 designs: Nico, Veronica and Original (onyx, ruby and sapphire);
  • Water-resistant;
  • 1216×1216 HD video resolution;
  • 1642×1642 HD photo resolution;
  • Smaller than Snap Spectacles 1.
  • The manufacturer removed the yellow ring around both camera lens and the LED lights at the corners of the Snap Spectacles, which offer a rather sophisticated look, when compared with Snap Spectacles version 1.
  • People can buy the second-generation Snap Spectacles via Snap’s website.

What do Snap Spectacles do?

Snap Spectacles With Prescription
Snap Spectacles With Prescription

The main feature of Snap Spectacles is to capture short videos for social sharing purposes. They are designed with a built-in camera, located directly on the frame. The camera is in one corner, while a light is meant to signal when recording is activated. A button starts the recording, located in the other corner of the frame.

Snap Spectacles 2 are quite similar to the first version. Yet they come with some other options, as they represent an upgraded pair of glasses. Mainly, the extra features you will find in Spectacles 2 include:

  • Snap Spectacles 2 are able to capture photos and videos in Snap’s unique HD circular format. All you have to do is press the button on Spectacles 2 to record a 10-second video or press again to continue recording up to 30 seconds. In addition, you can press and hold for capturing a picture.
  • Snap Spectacles 2 can take both photos and video under water, being perfect for usage in rain or snow, too.
  • Snap Spectacles can capture and sync over 70 videos on a single charge. And they recharge in no more than 60 minutes using the original charging case.

Using Snap Spectacles in public

In public, Snap Spectacles always blend in with the crowd. They feature a ring of small LED lights that indicates when the camera is recording. But they resemble quite well the traditional pair of sunglasses. Simply said, Snap Spectacles are very discreet. In an era filled with selfie sticks, helmet Go Pros or surveillance cameras, Snap Spectacles are a subtle observer. Indeed, you never know whether or not it is filming you.

Anyway, customers say that when wearing Snap Spectacles, it is easy to forget there are sophisticated smart glasses on you. Snap Spectacles are versatile and adapt with each trend. Hence, they are a must have in any sunglasses collection. You can be present in unique ways on social media, which is why many youngsters value these smart eyeglasses. These Snap Spectacles are one way to appear on social media in a more original way.

Snap Spectacles with prescription lenses in Singapore at Visio Optical

Snap Spectacles With Prescription
Snap Spectacles With Prescription

Even though Visio Optical is not a distributor of the smart glasses Snap Spectacles, we offer custom prescription lenses in Singapore for Snap Spectacles, in order to help you wear your favorite pair of sunglasses with no worries.

Take as an example this pair of Snap Spectacles 1 that came in our shop. The owner wanted to use them, but he needed a prescription for his high myopia. We were able to cut the lenses as required by this frame. The result was so satisfying that our client reviewed Visio Optical as ‘ the best spectacles service in Singapore’.

So, let’s say that you need to wear spectacles, and you want to use Snap Spectacles. We guarantee there is no other optical shop in Singapore that will transform a pair of Snap Spectacles into a pair of prescription sunglasses with ease and confidence. Except Visio Optical, of course.

Usually, those that need prescription lenses opt for wearing contact lenses when using Snap Spectacles. At Visio Optical you can request a pair of custom shape lenses, that fit perfectly the Snap Spectacles frame and come with the exact prescription that you need. Hence, you can wear your pair of Snap Spectacles with extra worries and with the correct lenses that suit your vision’s needs perfectly.

Visit out shop to find out more information about how a pair of smart glasses can suit the needs of those that need a prescription. LEARN MORE

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