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Spectacles Repair
If you break your spectacles, don’t despair.
Are they designer frames? Vintage frames? With expensive lenses? Was it a gift? Do they have sentimental value to you?
Visio Optical is the only spectacles shop in Singapore and South East Asia that specializes in spectacles repair. When any other optical shop tells you that repair is not possible, try at Visio Optical.

What do you repair?

We repair spectacles and sunglasses, new and old, of any brand. Both metal and plastic materials can be fixed, in full frame, rimlon, and rimless shapes.

Spectacles Repair

Which parts can be fixed?

We repair any part of your spectacles such as: fronts, bridges, pads and arms, sides and temples, joints, hinges, spring hinges, hoods, rims, barrels, etc..

Spectacles Repair

Can you fix metal frames?

Most metals can be fixed. We do welding and soldering of metals such as: titanium, stainless steel, nickel alloys, silver, gold, Monel, etc.. To repaint metal frames, PLEASE CHECK HERE

Spectacles Repair

Do you fix plastic frames?

We can fix some plastic parts, depending on the type of plastic material. Acetate plastic can be fixed. However, we need to assess the frame for a proper quotation.

Spectacles Repair

Can the lenses be fixed?

Even if lenses cannot be repaired, we can replace them for both spectacles and sunglasses. For sunglasses, we can replace both non-prescription and prescription lenses (PLEASE CHECK HERE).

Spectacles Repair

How long does it take?

We perform most repairs in 5-6 days. Some complex repairs will take longer. We can sometimes provide express service (usually within 4 hours). Please note that we are shorthanded. For enquires on our express service, please call: (+65) 67760052

Spectacles Repair

How do you repair?

We have specialized equipment, and we have thousands of generic spare parts, both common and unique. Everything is done in-house.

Spectacles Repair

Is the repair work reliable?

After years of repairs, and thousands of frames that we have fixed, we have accumulated the experience and knowledge to perform most repairs. We also offer a limited warranty on the repair work.

Spectacles Repair

Key Benefits of our Repair Service

  • We can prolong the life of your spectacles
  • Even when every other optical shop says that your frame cannot be fixed
  • Save your money and your glasses, your dollars are important!
  • Keep the spectacles that are precious to you!
Spectacles Repair

How to get a quotation?

By WhatsApp

  1. Add our repairs number to your contacts: (+65) 97386901
  2. Take a few clear pictures of your frame, especially the part that is broken
  3. Send the images to our repairs number
  4. Our technician will get in touch with you with a quotation 🙂
  5. Messages only, no calls, thank you

By email

  1. Take a few clear pictures of your frame, especially the part that is broken
  2. Send the images by email to:
  3. Our technician will get in touch with you with a quotation 🙂

In store

Please bring your broken frames for a free assessment. Our specialists will assist you with the repairs.

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