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Spectacles Repaint
If the paint of your spectacles has tarnished, don’t despair..
Are they designer frames? Vintage frames? With expensive lenses? Was it a gift? Do they have sentimental value to you?
Visio Optical is the only spectacles shop in Singapore and South East Asia that specializes in spectacle frame repaint. With our in-house powder coating process, we can give new life to your beloved spectacles.

What do we repaint?

We can repaint metal frames, both spectacles and sunglasses. We can repaint frames of any brand, old and new.

Spectacles Repaint, examples before and after

Which parts can be repainted?

We can repair all the metal parts of the frame. Please note that we can’t paint plastic frames.

Spectacles Repaint, examples before and after

Can metal frames be repainted?

Yes, metal frames can be repainted. If you also need to repair your spectacles, PLEASE CHECK HERE

Spectacles Repaint, examples before and after

Can plastic frames be repainted?

Unfortunately, we are unable to repaint plastic frames. Powder coat paints are only suitable for metal frames.

Spectacles Repaint, durable powder coating colors

How long does it take?

Usually to repaint a frame takes 5-7 working days. Some complex repaint jobs may take longer. Express service is sometimes available (within 1 working day). For enquires on our express service, please call: (+65) 67760052

Spectacles Repaint, powder coating

How do we repaint?

We sandblast the frame to completely remove the original paint. Then we apply the powder coat and cure it in a hoven. The process requires specialized equipment, and it is very time consuming. Everything is done in-house.

Spectacles Repaint, sandblasting and powder coating

Is the repaint work reliable?

Powder coating paint is very reliable. It is the same process used to paint cars. In most cases it will last longer than the original paint. We offer an extended warranty on the repaint work.

Spectacles Repaint, durable powder coating colors

Key Benefits of the Repaint Service

  • We can prolong the life of your spectacles
  • We use very durable powder coating colors, strong and lasting
  • Choose a different color, to change look without changing your frame
  • Save your money and your glasses, your dollars are important!
  • Keep the spectacles that are precious to you!
Spectacles Repaint
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