Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses

Many spectacle wearers enjoy the convenience of photochromic lenses that become darker outdoor. However, sometimes even photochromic lenses are not ideal.

  • Photochromic lenses don’t get very dark in our warm climate, even with very bright sunlight
  • Photochromic lenses don’t darken inside the car
  • The spectacles that we wear everyday might be not appropriate for some activities like outdoor sports
  • We just enjoy wearing fashionable sunglasses
Prescription Sunglasses

For outdoor activities, for driving, and for fashionable looks, nothing beats a nice pair of sunglasses with your own prescription.

At Visio Optical, we make lenses for sunglasses with your own prescription. Prescription sunglasses are available for all corrective prescriptions, also with bifocals and progressive lenses (multifocal lenses).

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1-tone lenses

Prescription Sunglasses

These are the most common sunglass lenses, they never fail!

Whether you want dark colors for bright sunlight, or light colors for afternoon walks and as fashion statement. We can make any color as dark or as light as you like.

Gradient lenses

Prescription Sunglasses

Very popular and very fashionable. Gradient lenses are tinted from the top down, so that the top of the lens is darkest. Get the cool look that gradient sunglass lenses can give you.

Choose the color and how deep you want the gradient, we’ll make it.

2-color lenses

Prescription Sunglasses

Double the colors, double the flavor. Not your usual sunglass lenses!

Choose the color that you want on the top, and another color for the bottom. Very special, quite a statement.

Polarized lenses

Prescription Sunglasses

A classic for drivers and sports people, now with your prescription. Polarized lenses reduce the glare from reflected lights, which cause discomfort on the road and on water surfaces.

Highly recommended for hours of comfortable glare-free vision outdoor.

Mirror lenses

Prescription Sunglasses

Mirror sunglass lenses have a reflective optical coating, like a colorful mirror.

Mirror lenses are darker, and they are especially useful for conditions of bright sunlight, sand, water, snow, and high altitudes.

Special Shapes

Most optical shops are unable to fit sunglass lenses on spectacles that are very curve, or with odd shapes. At Visio Optical, we use the most advanced lens cutting technology, and we are not limited by constraints in the frame shape.

Prescription Sunglasses
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