Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes
by stefyxz
Custom Shapes

When you want it…

  • A unique shape
  • Especially designed for you
  • Customized for your features and your prescription
  • Just for you!

We can do it! 🙂

Engraved lenses

A name, a logo, a special word… We can do it!
Masunaga spectacles Custom Shapes

Funny shapes

Because life is too short to wear boring glasses!
Custom Shapes

Geometric shapes

Simple and clean shapes. Any shape. You draw it, we’ll do it.
Custom Shapes

Cheerful shapes

Because that’s how we want to be
Custom Shapes

Beveled shapes

Elegant and precious, like a diamond. Suitable for high prescriptions.
Custom Shapes

Kiddy shapes

Because they are not just for kids!
Custom Shapes

Funky shapes

Because sometimes we feel like it!
Custom Shapes

Any shape...

Because we can!
Custom Shapes
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