Asian Fitting

Asian Fitting

When you need it…

  • Your spectacles slide down the nose?
  • They sit on the cheeks?
  • The lenses cloud-up and gets dirty easily?
  • Your eyes see only through the top half of the lenses?
…we can help! 🙂
Asian Fitting

The problem

Asians tend to have a low nose bridge, and when it comes to spectacles and sunglasses, nothing seems to fit well…

If you have worn glasses long enough, you will know very well that Asians might find it difficult to find well fitting glasses. The glasses seem to always want to fall forward, especially when you lean forward a bit, or look down, or do some physical activity or play sports. And that is not fun!

Asian Fitting

Traditionally, spectacle frames and sunglasses are based on European and American designs, and they are made for Caucasian bone structures. They don’t address those with low nose bridges and high cheekbones. It’s not that Asian features are “wrong”, it’s that eyewear isn’t designed for every face.

Metal frames may be easier to wear, because they have nose pads with adjustable arms. However, plastic frames can be very difficult to wear for Asians.

Asian Fitting

Why you need proper fitting?

With proper fitting

Asian Fitting

Having a proper fitting is not just about aesthetics, it’s also about eye health:

  • The eyes can see through the centre of lenses
  • The image is clear
  • There is no distortion
  • The glasses are comfortable

Without proper fitting

Asian Fitting

When the frame is not fitting properly:

  • The glasses slide down the nose
  • They sit on the cheeks
  • The lenses cloud-up and gets dirty easily
  • The eyes see only through the top half of the lenses
  • The image is less clear
  • There is distortion of the image (radial distortion, chromatic aberration, etc.)

Our services

Visio Optical recognizes that Asians have gone largely ignored by spectacles manufacturers. We will take care of your frame, and adjust it so that it will resist slipping down your nose while providing cheek and temple clearance.

Asian Fitting

As first option, we can adjust the nose bridge on metal frames, and the earpiece on metal and plastic frames. This might be enough to solve the problem. But that’s not the only solution…

Asian Fitting

We can add metal nosepad arms with silicone pads to plastic frames, for comfortable grip. This is the most common solution, and it should resolve the problem for most people.

Asian Fitting
Asian Fitting
Asian Fitting
Asian Fitting

We can alter the curvature of the ear stems (the temples) for a better grip around the head. This is also a common adjustment that we make to improve the fitting.

Asian Fitting

We can alter the curvature of the frame design itself, to adjust the wrapping around your cheekbones. This is possible for some metal frames and some types of plastic frames.

Asian Fitting

We can add nosepad arms with silicone pads to provide slip resistant comfort. The pads add some grip, and this usually enough for most people.

We have acetate pads for spectacles made of acetate spectacles. Or we can implant titanium arms with silicone pads to the frame, for a permanent solution.

Can your own frame be fitted?

Asian Fitting

You might have bought spectacles or sunglasses because you liked them, and then realized that they just don’t fit properly.

We can service your own spectacles, adjust or alter them to make them fit comfortably. Please bring your spectacles and our staff will give you a free assessment on the possible adjustments.

Key Benefits of our Asian Fitting Service

  • Adjustments are done in-house by expert technicians
  • We are professionally trained
  • We have great experience in Asian fitting adjustments
Asian Fitting
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