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  • Your spectacles were never adjusted for you?
  • Your spectacles were accidentally bent?
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Frames sliding down


This is probably the most common problem, and the adjustment that we do most often.

The frame should be adjusted at the time of purchase, to prevent it from sliding. However, it might go out of shape over time. Some adjustment should fix this problem.

Frames sitting too low


This is a very common problem, and it is pretty similar to the problem of the frame sliding down. Metal frames will have nosepad arms that can be adjusted. Some plastic frame also have adjustable nosepad arms.

Frames slanting


Some people will not notice at first, but it may happen that the frame is not level on the face, sitting higher on one side and lower on the other. It might happen by accident, for example when people accidentally sit on the spectacles. The frame then goes out of shape, slanting on one side.

Frames too tight


Frames become too tight usually because they are overly adjusted. It might feel nice and snug at first, but it becomes painful to wear after few minutes.ย Self-adjustment by customers is never recommended. It can easily do some damage to the frame, and usually the adjustment is not good.

Frames pinching the nose


Like a frame that it too tight, also having a frame pinching on the nose is painful and uncomfortable. The nosepad arms should be adjusted in a way to let the pads sit comfortably on the nose. We don’t recommend customers to self-adjust the nosepad arms, as it often results in some damage to the frame!

Key Benefits of our Adjustment Service

  • Adjustments are done in-house by expert technicians
  • We are professionally trained
  • We have great experience in frame adjustment
  • Service charges are reasonable ๐Ÿ™‚
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