Police sunglasses: The origins

Police sunglasses were launched in Italy in 1983 as unisex eyewear and a metropolitan manifesto for those who set out to get noticed.

The name is no coincidence. It triggers the imagination and dreams, especially of the younger generations, and offers a whole new outlook, across the ocean and against the tide. The name “Police” evokes the American “on the road” lifestyle.


Police sunglasses continue to ride above the fashions, without ever compromising on personality. This has been portrayed over the years by important Brand Ambassadors, such as Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham, Antonio Banderas and the football star, Neymar Jr, who have interpreted and voiced the POLICE values, style and world.

Police Sunglasses 02 1650x1100
Police Sunglasses D 1650x1100

Today’s rebels are the people who more than any other will influence the world we live in tomorrow and best represent the renewed spirit of Police.

Police Sunglasses E 1650x1100

Police evokes the strong urban spirit of the city of all cities: New York.

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Police products are now distributed in more than 80 countries across all major cities.

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