A fine selection of sunglasses, for real protection of your eyes with style: fashion meets function.

There’s something about great quality eyeglasses: people can recognise them the instant they try them on.

Find the special look that suites your face, your style and your unique personality at Visio Optical.

Fendi sunglasses 0136 Ny1hd 01 2970x1100

Fendi glasses are distinguished by their undisputed elegance in line with the style of the Italian brand. They aim to impress and captivate attention.

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Sworke sunglasses 4363s 1 269 2970x1100

Sporty sunglasses with curved lenses. They can also have prescription lenses. Because nobody likes the chore of having to put on contact lenses to play sports.

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Key Benefits of getting your sunglasses from Visio Optical

We want you to be happy with your sunglasses. I’ll do our best to make sure that you are satisfied.

  • Warranty of 1 year for manufacturing defects.
  • Adjustments of the frame, free, any time.
  • Servicing of the frame every 1 year (ultrasonic cleaning, change of nosepads, alignment).
  • Ability the replace the lenses, with or without prescription.

Our warranty is 1 year for manufacturing defects. Beyond the warranty period, we also offer our professional repair service. Read more

We want to make sure that your new sunglasses fit properly. We’ll do all the adjustments that are needed, so that your sunglasses are comfortable to wear.

As time goes by, we will service your sunglasses, and make sure that are in top shape. Professional ultrasonic cleaning, tightening, and replacement of worn-out nosepads are standard service at Visio Optical.

Whether the lenses of your sunglass are damaged, or you want to add a prescription, we can replace the lenses of your sunglasses. Read more

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