WORKSafe safety spectacles: The history

The first range of WORKSafe safety spectacles as safety eyewear for Asians was developed in 1999. Boasting Asian fit and unique features, WORKSafe safety glasses were well received upon launch. This further lead to the creation of more WORKSafe safety eyewear.

The rising demand for safety glasses that offer not only maximum protection but are also comfortable and fitting for Asians is a constant challenge to safety equipment manufacturers and suppliers. WORKSafe was developed to specially cater to the Asia market.


WORKSafe spectacles are safety glasses that are not only stylishly designed but also fit better, accompanied with more outstanding features and are tested and passed local and international safety standards.

With the everchanging requirements and standards of safety products and working environments, WORKSafe continues to invest in research and development to create high quality safety eyewear that are superior in design, comfort and protection and exceed both workers and authorities’ expectations.

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WorkSafe spectacles: Safety Glasses 02 1650x1100
WorkSafe spectacles: Safety Glasses 01 1650x1100

WORKSafe aims to be a leader in the design and development of safety eyewear.

WorkSafe spectacles: Safety Glasses 04 1650x1100

WORKSafe eyewear is specially designed to be comfortable and fitting for Asians.

WorkSafe spectacles: Safety Glasses 06 1650x1100

WORKSafe eyewear is tested to ANSI/ISEA Z87 and SS473 standards.

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