VANNI spectacles: The history

The origin of VANNI spectacles origin goes back to Giovanni Vitaloni, Vanni to his friends, born Milan, 1907. An artist with a technical bent, founder and inspirer of family entrepreneurship for generations to come. VANNI eyewear kicked off in Turin in 1990, a look that would tour the world and be at home in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Sydney.


The label “Made in Italy” frequently appears on products that although may have been conceived or designed in Italy, all too often are not actually made in Italy. For VANNI, Made in Italy is a promise.

VANNI spectacles are handmade by artisans whose skill and knowledge has been passed down through generations and who produce the highest quality craftsmanship with the latest precision machinery.

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VANNI eyewear is made in Italy, for sure.

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VANNI designs its own exclusive, inimitable, personalized acetate materials.

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VANNI eyewear is entirely assembled by hand, meticulously.

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