SwissFlex eyewear is available in Singapore

SwissFlex spectacles are extremely light frames. They are special because of the comfort that you can experience when you wear them.

We don’t need to say much to our customers about how comfortable these frames are. In fact, the first time our customers try them on, the first word that they say is “wow!”. SwissFlex eyeglasses are so light, they are simply different!

SwissFlex eyewear uses a unique system to fix the lenses to the frame. There are no screws in the frame, and there is no need to use any glue.

The lenses are drilled with fitting slots. Then, plastic pins will fit into the slots, and then they are melted. This system prevents the frame from twisting and ensures high stability.

The high tech plastic material of SwissFlex frames should not fool you. This is not standard plastic. These frames have a high-density polymer that is extremely durable and impact resistant. A SwissFlex can last years, even with rough use.

Last but not least: these frames use a modular system. Each piece of the frame is replaceable, and it is available from the supplier. So, if anything happens, even if the warranty is over, it is still possible to replace individual parts of the frame. And that’s another added benefit for this amazing brand.

SwissFlex spectacles: The history

Swissflex is a classic case of a small company having a great product but not having the resources to publicize and distribute its products. To build brand recognition and to be appreciated for all its worth, it takes time. And to compete with the large multinational companies in the eyewear business was a challenge.

From the beginning, the focus of SwissFlex eyewear has been primarily on wearing comfort, not on brand and fashion. Without classic marketing, just by word of mouth recommendation, SwissFlex became known worldwide.


SwissFlex spectacles are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. And they are available in a wide range of models and colors.

They are compact, timeless and can be individually tailored to the individual’s age and preferred activities.

The special nose pad is available in different sizes. It is possible to have nose pads that are very suitable for asian fit, as well as nose pads that will fit young kids well.

SwissFlex spectacles: SwissFlex Modular 1650x1100

The simplest way to experience the distinctive lightness of SwissFlex eyewear is to put them onto your nose. The WOW effect of wearing ultra-comfortable eyewear is immediate.

We feel that this brand deserves more recognition and appreciation because it has a great product. We are authorized dealer of SwissFlex in Singapore, and we will be happy to introduce these frames to you.

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SwissFlex spectacles: Made in Switzerland

SwissFlex eyewear is 100% made in Switzerland.

SwissFlex spectacles: SwissFlex Innovative Hightech 1650x1100

No pressure, no slipping. Therefore, an optimal vision is guaranteed.

SwissFlex spectacles: SwissFlex Kids 1650x1100

SwissFlex ultra-light frames are especially comfortable to wear.

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