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SwissFlex spectacles: The history

SwissFlex spectacles come from a family business based in Chur, the Grisons part of Switzerland. It is the pioneer in the design and production of high-density polymer eyewear since 1998.

The focus of SwissFlex eyewear is primarily on wearing comfort, not on brand and fashion. Without classic marketing, just by word of mouth recommendation, SwissFlex becomes known worldwide.


SwissFlex spectacles are available in a range of models. They are compact, timeless and can be individually tailored to the individual’s age and preferred activities.

The simplest way to experience the distinctive lightness of SwissFlex eyewear is to put them onto your nose. The WOW effect of wearing ultra-comfortable eyewear is immediate.

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SwissFlex spectacles: SwissFlex Modular 1650x1100
SwissFlex spectacles: Made in Switzerland

SwissFlex eyewear is 100% made in Switzerland.

SwissFlex spectacles: SwissFlex Innovative Hightech 1650x1100

No pressure, no slipping. Therefore, an optimal vision is guaranteed.

SwissFlex spectacles: SwissFlex Kids 1650x1100

SwissFlex ultra-light frames are especially comfortable to wear.

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