Seiko spectacles: The history

Seiko spectacles are a premium brand in the eyewear world. Seiko is not only a well-known brand for watches and time measurement but also for eyewear. Seiko eyewear is the epitome of design, innovation and worldwide leading technology.


Very precise manufacturing, a vast knowledge of optics and frame-making as well as the exclusive use of precious and first-class materials are some of the reasons why Seiko eyewear is so unique – as unique as the person wearing it.

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Seiko spectacles
Seiko spectacles

Seiko Titanium eyewear offers the wearers elegant look as well as prestigious status.

Seiko spectacles

Seiko eyewear is made of Titanium, and it is elegant, simple, and highly comfortable.

Seiko spectacles

Seiko combines both elaborate design and superior functionality.

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