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Porsche Design spectacles: The history

Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, creator of the legendary Porsche 911, opened Porsche Design Studio in 1972 to create stylish, sporty and masculine Porsche Design spectacles that are comfortable to wear.

Porsche Design spectacles follow a clear design philosophy: optimize function. Reduce the form right down to the essentials. Overcome the familiar to continually discover new and exceptional solutions.


Porsche Design eyewear gives your outfit pure elegance, a touch of casual-chic, sporty accents – underlining your individual look. Beyond the design, the latest technologies characterize the exclusive eyewear.

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Porsche Design spectacles 17 1650x1100

The combination of materials such as titanium, 18ct gold, and stainless steel hinges guarantees best possible wearing comfort and flexibility. The products are functional, timeless and have a purist design that represents impressive technical innovations.

Porsche Design spectacles 03 1650x1100
Porsche Design spectacles 02 1650x1100

The astonishing lightness and ideal comfort of Porsche Design eyewear are bound to impress.

Porsche Design spectacles

Porsche Design eyewear combines casual elegance with superior performance.

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Porsche Design are of the highest optical quality, perfect craftsmanship, and extraordinary style.

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