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Lafont glasses. The history

Are you a woman who loves French fashion? Then you will love Lafont eyewear. Lafont is a luxurious brand of glasses hand made in France. It has over ninety years of experience, and it is rich of chic Parisian flavors.

Lafont history dates back to 1923, when Louis Lafont started selling spectacles in a small boutique in Paris. Generation after generation, the Lafont family has transformed their spectacles into genuine fashion accessories.


Not many people know that manufacturing a Lafont takes up to 14 weeks. There are more than 200 operations involved, and most of them are manual.

What distinguishes Lafont is the harmony of the colors, the attention to detail, the balance of desing, and the precision of its assembly.┬áThe qualities of Lafont are proven by the style and comfort in everyday use. Lafont glasses provide the first hint of a woman’s personality.

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Lafont glasses come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to suit a woman’s sense of style.

Lafont Glasses 09 1650x1100

Lafont eyewear collection is avant-garde, subtly rebellious yet discreet.

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Each Lafont frame is full of surprises! With French taste seen through Lafont’s work of art.

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