ic! berlin

ic! berlin Spectacles: The History

ic! berlin spectacles are screw-less eyewear designed and produced in the Produktion Haus in Berlin. They are 100% made in Germany. The company was founded in 1996. ic! berlin is a child of the new Berlin entrepreneurial revolution, a thriving creative metropolis fuelling innovation and ideas.


ic! berlin spectacles are available for kids, women, men, and everyone in between. Every ic! berlin spectacles features a one-of-a-kind patented screwless hinge system.

ic! berlin spectacles: special screwless hinges

ic! berlin metal spectacles are made of extremely flexible and lightweight 0.5mm spring stainless steel making them tough as nails, yet soft enough to adjust by hand to achieve the perfect fit.

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ic! berlin spectacles: extremely comfortable, flexible and lightweight
ic! berlin spectacles, handcrafted in Germany

ic! berlin glasses are handcrafted and super-sleek. The screwless sheet metal glasses combine great functional design with modern edgy urban fashion.

ic! berlin spectacles: extremely thin and lightweight

ic! berlin designs and produces screwless glasses. The sheet metal glasses are also exceptionally light, weighing between 11g and 28g.

ic! berlin spectacles: designed with passion, produced with precision

ic! berlin eyewear is designed with passion, produced with technical precision and handcrafted with love.

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