Fendi spectacles: The history

The history of Fendi spectacles goes back to 1918, when it started as a fur and leather specialist. Italian fashion label Fendi secured its global iconic status in 1925 when the first Fendi shop opened in the heart of Rome by Adele and Edoardo Fendi.


Today Fendi is synonymous with ‘top fashion’ and ‘glamour’. In 2007, Fendi’s awe-inspiring fashion show on the Great Wall surprised the whole world of fashion. It showcased Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini’s latest fashions.

88 models from Asia and across the world descended down a catwalk of more than 85 meters. More than 500 guests, media and VIPS (including Thandie Newton, Kate Bosworth and Zhang Ziyi) admired the eastern and western looks of Fendi.

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Fendi fashion show at Great Wall
Fendi fashion 08 1650x1100

Fendi spectacles for women are not only ultra feminine, but also bold. Bright colors and inventive integration of the logo allow ladies to be as overt or discreet as they would like about their eyewear. A collection which is fashionably timeless.

Fendi fashion: Karl Lagerfeld 06 1650x1100

From a status symbol to a fashion phenomenon, Fendi has changed under the successive guidance of Edoardo Fendi’s five daughters, and Karl Lagerfeld since 1965. The innate sense of curiosity transforms Fendi eyewear into highly desirable, refined accessories.

Fendi fashion: luxury quality materials

Fendi eyewear is characterized by elegant and unexpected designs, unusual combination of materials and treatments, and creativity in both form and character. Known for its use of color and unique color contrasts, Fendi uses these elements to enrich and enhance the features of the frames.

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