Coco Song


The history of Coco Song spectacles

Coco Song spectacles draw inspiration from the mystery of the Orient, using the finest materials in the world. Coco Song is an Italian brand that makes women’s luxury eyewear delivering an unparalleled artistic masterpiece in each and every spectacles.

Exquisite elements such as silk, dried flowers, feathers, semi-precious stones, metal accents and enameling from a unique match with one of a kind acetates.


It is the careful hands and expertise of an artisan master that make Coco Song eyewear. Indeed, the whole process takes a minimum of six months to perfect each frame. A magical blend of Italian design and oriental culture delivers an artistic masterpiece. Hand made unique masterpieces, produced in limited editions, and each piece is numbered. Above all, the result is an amazing product. Additionally, it combines precious materials. Namely, silks and natural ostrich feathers, semi-precious stones (granite, turquoise, eye of the tigers, jade), and real dried flowers.

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Coco Song
Coco Song spectacles: real flowers

Each frame is hand made and unique, making it a masterpiece of craftsmanship and refinement.

Coco Song spectacles: real flowers

Coco, meaning ‘ancient’ joins the name of the Song dynasty, founder of the city of Hong Kong in 976 AD”.

Coco Song spectacles: real feathers

Coco Song combines the best that Italy and the Orient have to offer: Italy for design and the Orient for colors and textures.

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