Braun Büffel

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Braun Büffel is a premium German designer and producer of top-quality leather goods and accessories. It offers shoes, watches, belts, and travel and business related products.

Braun Büffel means brown buffalo in German. The buffalo is not just a symbol of power. It also represents strength and dependability. These are the very qualities that customers around the world appreciate about Braun Büffel.

You surely know the brand. And you should also know about its leather products, such as purses, wallets, and handbags. What you might not know is that this German brand makes very fashionable eyeglasses too!

This company made a name for itself in the fashion industry. Fashion-minded consumers see it as an affordable option for luxury items. This is because of the time and effort that have been put into manufacture and promote contemporary and sophisticated products of high quality.

Braun Büffel spectacles: The history

Braun Büffel has more than 130 years of experience in the creation of leather products. In fact, the history of Braun Büffel spectacles dates back to 1887 when its founder, Johann Braun, began producing leather products such as carrier bags, purses and school satchels.

In the beginning, Johann Braun was a master saddler and upholsterer in the industrial leather town of Kirn, Germany. From this beautiful and charming location, Johann Braun started the foundation for the proliferation of Braun Büffel eyewear worldwide.


From what started off as an upholstery enterprise, the brand is now a renowned accessories house. Today, it is celebrated for its exceptional German craftsmanship and strong functionality.

Braun Buffel spectacles

Büffel produces a fine line of modern looking and popular eyeglasses. These spectacles are synonymous with high workmanship, thanks to the production of modern and elegant eyewear.

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Braun Buffel spectacles: shops

Braun Büffel has expanded from its original product lines to encompass a range of premium products for men and women.

Braun Buffel spectacles logo

The symbol of the bull is a representation of the solidness and strength, durability and dependability of the brand name and quality.

Braun Buffel spectacles: fashion and style

The eyewear complements the professional wardrobe with a contemporary and sophisticated flair.

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