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agnès b. spectacles: the history

French fashion designer Agnès Andrée Marguerite Troublé (agnès b.) designs agnès b. spectacles. She is known for her (self-named) international brand, agnès b..

In the beginning of her career, Agnès was a fashion editor for ELLE magazine. But soon, just writing about fashion was not as inspiring as she hoped. Hence, she devoted herself to be a fashion designer. After some apprenticeship and freelancing, agnes b. founded her own company.

The first agnès b. shop opened in Paris in 1976. From the beginning, agnès b. developed a style that was subtle, chic and casual all at once, which helped to turn the Parisian into a fashion icon.


agnès b. has developed a wide range of fashion products, including womenswear, menswear, perfumes, skincare, cosmetics, shoes and bags. agnès b. started designing eyewear for Seiko, before launching her own line of spectacles and sunglasses.

Today agnès b. has more than a hundred shops around the world. The popularity of her design comes from its clean cut, uncomplicated style and vivid colours. It continues to offer seductive fashion items to people around the world, providing an impeccable and timeless attire to men and women.

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In 2006 the brand agnès b. celebrated its 30th birthday at the Olympia in Paris. Patti Smith, a very close friend of the designer agnès b. was among the invited guests. Indeed, agnes b. is very passionate about music which is for her “a real mythology for the young people”. In fact, music influences how young people relate to new fashion trends, including eyewear.

With style, quality and difference, agnès b. eyeglasses keep growing in America, Europe and Asia. Distinctive icons characterize the collection, such as stars, salamanders, and the very recognizable “b.”.

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agnès b. produces spectacles that reflect the spirit of the age that can easily adapt to every personality and can be worn for a very long time.

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A family enterprise, a civic enterprise, agnès b. tries as much as possible to keep her production in France.

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The brand famously lacks advertising (Wikipedia). agnès b. has never advertised in the traditional methods. Instead, it has supported film projects, art exhibitions, book launches, young artists, musicians.

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