ZEISS SmartLife

ZEISS SmartLife

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The most advanced range of lenses from ZEISS

ZEISS SmartLife is a portfolio of lenses designed based on the visual needs of people in today’s digital world, where we use digital devices for most of the day, at home, at work, and on the move.

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The digital age affects our eyes

As we rely more and more on digital devices, our eyes have never been busier. We stare at the screens of smartphones, laptops or tablets all day. And at the same time, we need to be aware of the world around us.

This is where ZEISS SmartLife excels, as it gives sharp, clear and comfortable vision, from the moment you wake up and wear your glasses, to the time you go to sleep.

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Changes in behavior and habits

Since we are using digital devices frequently during the day, we tend to have gaze downward very often.

The lower part of the glasses becomes more important, as it is used more often.

At the same time, our gaze shifts continuously between downward gaze to central and peripheral gaze, as give constant attention to the environment.

ZEISS SmartLife: How it works

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The 4 key technologies that make SmartLife the best ZEISS lenses

Clear Optics

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ZEISS SmartLife provides precision in every step of the manufacturing process. Precision is the key from advanced eye modeling, to design calculation, to free form manufacturing.

Thin Optics

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Light lenses

ZEISS SmartLife embeds ZEISS Lens Aesthetics technology, with the best balance between optics and thin and light lenses.

Smart Dynamic Optics

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Visual behavior

ZEISS uses state-of-the-art object-space models, and a design that is adapted to today’s dynamic visual behavior. Thanks to ZEISS Smart Dynamic Optics technology, SmartLife gives sharp, clear and comfortable vision. You can benefit from its improved optical performance and larger clear field of view.

Age Intelligence

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Wearer’s evolution

ZEISS SmartLive uses the new Age Intelligence technology, which takes into account the wearer’s age. No matter how young or how old you are, ZEISS Age Intelligence benefits you by reducing visual strain, thanks to advanced customization.

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Key benefits of ZEISS SmartLife:

  • ZEISS SmartLife offers you all-day comfort
  • ZEISS SmartLife gives ease of viewing and relaxed vision at all distances and in all directions
  • ZEISS SmartLife provides proven superior quality of vision
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