ZEISS single vision lenses

ZEISS single vision lenses portfolio

From the conventional ZEISS Spherical single vision lenses, to the highest precision of ZEISS Single Vision Individual, probably the best single vision lenses on the market. Visio Optical is authorized dealer for ZEISS lenses in Singapore.

ZEISS single vision lenses

ZEISS offers 4 models of single vision lenses, ideal for people that are only short-sighted or only long-sighted.

ZEISS Single Vision Spherical

ZEISS single vision lenses: spherical design

Sharp, with some distortion in the peripheral areas

ZEISS Single Vision Aspherical

ZEISS single vision lenses: aspherical design

Very little distortion in the peripheral areas

ZEISS Single Vision Superb

ZEISS single vision lenses: ZEISS single vision Superb

Very good vision even in the peripheral areas

ZEISS Single Vision Individual

ZEISS single vision lenses: ZEISS single vision Individual

Excellent vision even in the peripheral areas

Choose your lens material

Optimise your lenses by choosing thickness & weight.

ZEISS single vision lenses: lens material

If you are shortsighted, you need “minus” (-) lenses, which are thinner in the centre and thicker at the edge. If you are longsighted, you need “plus” (+) lenses, which are thicker in the centre and thinner at the edge.

Lenses for high shortsightedness or high longsightedness can be quite thick and heavy. Higher density plastic lenses can be both thinner and lighter. Basic plastic lenses have a refractive index of 1.50. High-index plastic lenses are available in refractive indices: 1.60, 1.67 and 1.74.

Compare ZEISS single vision lenses

ZEISS Single Vision Spherical

ZEISS Single Vision spherical lenses are more curve around the face, compared to aspherical lenses. So ZEISS Single Vision spherical lenses can provide better peripheral vision for wearers. Due to the curve design, ZEISS spherical lenses can help reduce the glare from reflective surfaces, like water and snow. In addition, some wearers are more sensitive to chromatic distortions, and they do not tolerate well aspherical design.

Main benefit for consumers
  • More curve
  • Better peripheral vision
  • High resistance to breakage, suitable for sports
  • Suitable for curved sports frames and fashion frames
  • Good for people sensitive to chromatic aberration
  • Also available as a sunglass lens in many colours

ZEISS Single Vision Aspherical

ZEISS Single Vision Aspherical lenses are made with advanced optical design technology. They have flatter curves than conventional lenses, making them a slimmer, lighter, and with more attractive profile. ZEISS Single Vision Aspherical is recommended for lens wearers with high prescriptions who want cosmetically attractive, lightweight lenses with improved optics.

Superior Optics With ZEISS Aspherical Lenses

When you look away from the center of the lenses (left or right, above or below), conventional lenses have some geometric distortion. ZEISS aspherical lenses reduce this distortion, creating a wider field of view and more comfortable peripheral vision.

A More Natural View

ZEISS Aspheric lenses eliminate the unwanted minification and magnification effects caused by conventional lenses, so the world looks more natural to the wearer, and the wearer’s eyes look more natural to everyone else.

Main benefit for consumers
  • Aspheric surface design for outstanding visual quality
  • Wider frame choice
  • Thin and lightweight lenses
  • Eyes are less magnified than with traditional lenses
  • More natural and clearer view across the lenses

ZEISS Single Vision Superb

ZEISS Single Vision Superb lenses are designed for each individual wearer’s prescription including: sphere, cylinder, axis, prism and prism base. Point-by-point optimisation is applied over the entire lens, leading to an even more comfortable single vision design.

ZEISS Single Vision Superb at a glance
  • Using advanced freeform technology by ZEISS.
  • Point-by-point optimisation of the lens surface leads to fewer power errors in the lens periphery and allows precise optical images.
  • Optimised for every prescription: sphere, cylinder, axis, prism and prism base.
Main benefit for consumers
  • Improved clarity and sharp vision
  • Thinner & flatter lenses for improved cosmetic outcome
  • Improved night and low light vision

ZEISS Single Vision Individual

ZEISS Single Vision Individual embodies the entire, outstanding technological know-how and optical excellence of ZEISS. As a result this lens offers outstanding visual quality for the lens wearer. Absolutely top-class, totally individualised. Probably the best single vision lens on the market.

Individualised for every power

Only optimisation for every individual power can ensure that the wearer always enjoys outstanding ranges of vision. This is particularly important for higher cylinder powers and prismatic prescriptions.

Real time optimisation

To achieve the optimum design for every wearer, each lens design is calculated online by the ZEISS optical design software engine, using the wearer’s exact prescription and his or her individual position-of-wear parameters, immediately prior to fabrication.

Freeform production makes it all possible

ZEISS is a pioneer in the field of freeform technology for progressive lenses. This production method is also used for ZEISS Single Vision Individual in order to transfer the design optimised for each individual power directly and precisely to the surface of the lens.

Main benefits for consumers
  • Optimum vision in all directions
  • Excellent vision right to the edge of the lens, even with high prescriptions
  • Outstanding wearer tolerance, also with high cylinders and prismatic corrections
  • Superb visual clarity and colour perception
  • Relaxed Vision with minimum eye fatigue and natural contrast sensitivity
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