ZEISS PhotoFusion

ZEISS PhotoFusion

Comfortable vision in any light condition

The characteristic feature of ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses is that they become dark outdoor and clear again indoor and at night. ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses adapt quickly and provide optimum protection against glare in any situation. Ideal for people who are both inside and outside during the day.

Zeiss Photofusion

ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses become dark up to 20% faster than other photochromic lenses. And they turn clear again up to 2 times faster than other photochromic lenses.

ZEISS PhotoFusion technology is available for most ZEISS lenses.

Zeiss Photofusion

ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses are activated by UV light, and provide 100% solar UV protection. The darkening and clearing process depends on the intensity of the UV radiation and on ambient temperature.

ZEISS PhotoFusion: High performance & protection

The convenience of automatic protection

Outdoor / Sunny days

Zeiss Photofusion
Fully dark

ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses react quickly to bright sunlight. PhotoFusion lenses block 100% of UVA & UVB rays.

Partially cloudy days

Zeiss Photofusion
Slightly dark

Because UV rays penetrate clouds, ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses will darken slightly on overcast days, in proportion to the amount of UV light available.

Indoor & at night

Zeiss Photofusion
Fully clear

ZEISS PhotoFusion give you the benefit of clear lenses indoors and at night.

Zeiss Photofusion

Benefits of ZEISS PhotoFusion

  • Convenience
  • Comfort in all light conditions
  • 100% solar UV protection
  • Stylish look outdoor without changing spectacles
  • Suitable at any age, including children
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