ZEISS EnergizeMe

ZEISS EnergizeMe

ZEISS EnergizeMe for contact lens wearers

ZEISS EnergizeMe design ensures a wide field of vision and makes it a breeze to switch between contact lenses and glasses.

ZEISS EnergizeMe eyeglass lenses help refresh your eyes after removing your contact lenses. This refreshing effect reduces eye strain from the intensive use of digital media.

Zeiss Energizeme

ZEISS EnergizeMe is more than just a standard spectacle lens: the unique combination of a new lens design, innovative technology and a high-quality coating helps tired eyes to relax and prevents eye strain caused by digital devices.

Zeiss Energizeme

Contact lens discomfort can increase with many hours of wear. The intensive use of digital devices make the eyes even more tired.
After a long day, contact lens wearers can look forward to enjoy wearing ZEISS EnergizeMe, one-of-a-kind lens specially designed for them!

ZEISS EnergizeMe

EnergizeMe is based on 3 technologies:

1 – EnergizeMe Design

Zeiss Energizeme

ZEISS EnergizeMe design adapts to contact lens wearers, taking into account their specific movement of the head and eyes. It reduces eye strain after taking out contact lenses.

2 – Digital Inside Technology

ZEISS Digital lenses: focus more easily

Specially developed to optimise the lens design for reading distances for conventional print media (38 cm) and digital devices (35 cm).

3 – BlueProtect Coating

Zeiss Energizeme

ZEISS BlueProtect protects your eyes from damage caused by the blue light emitted by digital screens and artificial lighting.

Zeiss Energizeme

Benefits of ZEISS EnergizeMe

  • Helps relax tired eyes of contact lens wearers
  • Prevents from adding further eye strain
  • Ensures clear and sharp vision
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