ZEISS digital lenses

ZEISS Digital

Tried and trusted – use digital devices all day long, without the strain.

ZEISS Digital lenses help you using smartphones and other digital devices with comfort, without getting tired eyes and stiff neck. For universal use, from morning until night, ZEISS Digital let you stay more focused and stress-free.

ZEISS Digital lenses: using digital devices

ZEISS Digital are available with or without ZEISS BlueProtect technology (read more).

ZEISS Digital are also available as both clear lenses and with ZEISS PhotoFusion technology (read more).

ZEISS Digital lenses: the ciliary muscle

The eye ciliary muscle works to give sharp vision on digital devices. Closer distance means even more effort!

ZEISS Digital Lenses for relaxed vision all day long

ZEISS Digital Lenses provide 3 key benefits:

1 – Focus more easily

ZEISS Digital lenses: focus more easily
Optimised close-up vision

With comfortable near vision, ZEISS Digital help users of digital devices to keep fresh and focused vision all day long.

2 – Less strain

ZEISS Digital lenses: less strain
No more tired eyes and stiff neck

ZEISS Digital are proven to help smartphone and table users, reducing symptoms of strain and tiredness by a factor of 4.

3 – Easy adaptation

ZEISS Digital lenses: easy adaptation
Flexible near power

ZEISS Digital near power can be customised, for easy adaptation and wide field of clear vision at all distances.

ZEISS Digital lenses: the benefits

Benefits of ZEISS Digital:

  • focus more easily
  • less stress throughout the entire day
  • easy adaptation
  • for universal use, from morning to night
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