ZEISS BlueProtect

ZEISS BlueProtect

The solution to block blue-violet light

ZEISS BlueProtect is a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of their time exposed to blue-violet light from smartphones, computers, tablets, LEDs as well as TV.

Rather than completely filtering blue light, ZEISS BlueProtect reduces the harmful transmission in the 380–455 nm spectrum (dangerous to your retina), while keeping the transmission level high above 460 nm (important for the proper regulation of melatonin in your body).

Recommended to people of all ages.

Zeiss Blueprotect

Long-term exposure to blue-violet light from digital devices damages the retina, increasing the risk of macular degeneration.

ZEISS BlueProtect reflects parts of the blue-violet light emitted by digital devices, preventing this light from entering the eye.

Zeiss Blueprotect

Not all blue light is harmful. Blue light between 380 and 455 nm damages the retina (harmful), while blue light above 460 is important for the regulation of melatonin in the body (beneficial).

ZEISS BlueProtect technology blocks only the harmful blue-violet light.

ZEISS BlueProtect

Because blue-violet light is everywhere

Phones & tablets

Zeiss Blueprotect

The screens of smartphones and tablets emit significant amounts of blue light.


Zeiss Blueprotect
At work

The amount of time spent in front of computers exposes your eyes to accumulating long-term effects of blue light.


Zeiss Blueprotect
At home

Man-made sources of blue light include fluorescent and LED lights, and flat-screen televisions.

Zeiss Blueprotect

Benefits of ZEISS BlueProtect

  • Protects your eyes from blue-violet light
  • Takes into account the different intensity levels of blue-violet light, indoor and outdoor
  • Reduces the transmission of harmful blue light in the 380–455 nm spectrum
  • Keeps the transmission of beneficial blue light above 460 nm
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