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As the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics ZEISS combines technical expertise and innovative ideas into exceptional visual experiences. Prepare to be astounded by solutions that are much more than lenses!

ZEISS is known for top-quality ophthalmic lenses made from plastic and glass, including high refractive materials, allowing stronger prescription lenses to be thinner.

No matter what vision problem you are facing, you can be sure to find the right offer within the ZEISS portfolio:
ZEISS has always the best solution.



  • Started in 1864 in Germany by Carl Zeiss
  • astronauts, Google Earth, Nobel Prize laureates and Hollywood directors use ZEISS lenses
  • Responsible for many innovations in optical design
  • ZEISS launched the world’s first planetarium
  • Renowned for its motion picture lenses
  • ZEISS lenses have been instrumental in many scientific discoveries!
  • Winner of multiple awards for its progressive lenses

Coatings by ZEISS

Superior hardness for robust and scratch-resistant lenses, thanks to nine layers densely packed by ion bombardment. More robust. Dirt-resistant. Easy to clean: The hardest coating of all times.

ZEISS coatings are made of up to 9 layers that make your ZEISS lenses extremely tough – and all despite a thickness of less than half a thousandth of a millimetre. That’s 250 times thinner than a piece of paper.

“Hardly any scratches – even after 4 years of wear and rough use. ZEISS coating made all the difference.” Carlo S., ZEISS wearer, Italy

DuraVision Platinum UV

ZEISS DuraVision Platinum UV is three times harder than standard coating. The result is a lens that is more durable, more dirt-resistant and very easy to clean.

DuraVision BlueProtect UV
Zeiss Blueprotect

ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect UV is a coating developed for people who spend a lot of time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as TV, computer or tablets.

DuraVision DriveSafe UV
Drivewear lenses for glare free driving

ZEISS DuraVision DriveSafe UV is a new coating for everyday use. It is specifically designed for people who want to feel safer and more comfortable when driving.

ZEISS products

ZEISS offers a variety of products. No matter what vision problem you are facing, you can be sure to find the right offer within the ZEISS portfolio.
Zeiss Smartlife Web 10 2970x1100 1

ZEISS SmartLife is the best portfolio of lenses by ZEISS, designed based on the visual needs of today’s digital world, and customized based on the wearer’s age. (Read more)


ZEISS progressive lenses will give you the best quality that money can buy. Sharp, fast adaptation, best vision. (Read more)

ZEISS single vision lenses

ZEISS has the best single vision lenses for short-sighted or long-sighted on the market. Highly recommended! (Read more)

ZEISS Digital lenses

ZEISS Digital lenses help the eyes when using smartphones and other digital devices. (Read more)


Workplace and reading lenses, with much wider field of vision than conventional progressive lenses. (Read more)


The increase of short-sightedness (myopia) in children can be slowed down with myopia control lenses MyoVision Pro and MyoKids! (Read more)


DriveSafe lenses make driving safer and more relaxed, even in the rain and at night. (Read more)


ZEISS PhotoFusion just turn dark and clear automatically and fast. (Read more)


Blue-violet light from smartphones, tablets, computers and TV screens can cause eye damage. ZEISS BlueProtect protects your eyes in the digital world. (Read more)


ZEISS EnergizeMe lenses. The first spectacle lenses made for refreshing after contact lens time. (Read more)

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