A new leader

Shamir is a world’s top manufacturer of high-quality single vision and progressive lenses. Over the course of more than 40 years, Shamir has established worldwide as a leader for innovation, cutting-edge technology, and stringent quality assurance practices.

With great investments in research, Shamir has developed breakthrough technologies that cover a wide range of lenses, from advanced single vision lenses to the most sophisticated and recognised progressive lenses on the market.



  • Established in 1972 to produce bifocal lenses
  • Manufacturer of progressive lenses since 1979
  • Today one of the world’s top ten progressive lens manufacturers
  • Top level R&D with cutting-edge technologies
  • Shamir operates 16 laboratories throughout the world

Coating by Shamir

Shamir Glacier Plus

Better protection for perfect vision

Extensive research went into creating Shamir Glacier Plus. It is the optimal lens coating that won’t wear off and it will not scratch easily. It leaves the lens clear and free of distracting reflections, and it’s easier than ever to keep clean.

Improved anti-reflection – Enhances comfort and style

Glacier Plus provides real anti-reflection – minimizing glare, enhancing comfort, and giving you a natural look, without unwanted reflections.

Enhanced antistatic – Repels dust and stays clean

Glacier Plus’ powerful antistatic properties ensure lenses remain dust free. Now your lenses stay cleaner longer.

Super hydrophobic – Improved water and stain resistance

Glacier Plus’ outstanding hydrophobic properties resist water and stains and repel grease and fingerprints, so cleaning your lenses is quicker and easier.

Durable – Much stronger, lasts longer

Glacier Plus is an extremely hard coating that protects your lenses from damage during day-to-day use and improves their scratch-resistance. Because it delivers even better protection, it’s backed by an extended warranty.


Shamir products

Shamir offers a variety of products, for any of your optical needs.

From all-purpose progressive and occupational lenses to sophisticated, individual lifestyle progressives, as well as outdoor, sport and fashion, wrap-around progressive and single vision lenses.

Progressive lenses


Shamir specialises in premium progressive lenses. Shamir progressive lenses utilize digital technology to provide excellent peripheral vision and low distortion. The choice depends on your occupation, your prescription, the size and shape of your frame along with your expectations for the intended application.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence

  • Ultimate technology with artificial intelligence advancement
  • Design to match wearer’s visual age and visual needs
  • Natural Posture technology for enhanced comfort
  • IntelliCorridor technology for clearer intermediate vision
  • Eye-Point technology with actual wearer data

Shamir Autograph III

  • Enhanced comfort with Natural Posture ergonomic design
  • Perfect for using digital devices at intermediate distance
  • Real world perception for both hyperopic and myopic patients
  • Great stability across varying frame measurements

Shamir Autograph II

  • Precise design based on frame size and shape
  • Aesthetic and stylish lenses
  • Wide and clear reading zone with full addiction
  • Optimised accuracy of prescription and optics

Shamir Autograph InTouch

  • Perfect vision while using digital devices
  • Soft design for easy comfortable transition between viewing zones
  • Quick and easy access with more addition power in the 40-70cm viewing range

Shamir Spectrum

  • Improved vision zones
  • Easy and fast adaptation
  • Quality lenses at an affordable price

Shamir Attitude III Sport

  • Wide far vision zone for clear and stable vision
  • Perfect for dynamic sports
  • Optimal vision at 1.5m in front of athlete
  • Comfortable view of watch, GPS and other sports gadgets

Shamir Attitude III Fashion

  • Wide far vision zone for clear and stable vision
  • Design for modern lifestyle and frequent use of digital devices
  • Natural posture during near viewing
  • Specifically designed for large frames

Single vision lenses


Shamir single vision lenses provide clear and crisp vision. Shamir lenses can be lighter due to decreased centre thickness, and they give better clarity because of minimized off-centre errors. What you get? Increased visual acuity and an accurate Rx made specifically for you.

Shamir Smart SV As Worn

  • Individually customised using patient’s personal lens parameters
  • Crisp and sharp vision
  • Unsurpassed performance for a single vision lens

Shamir Smart SV

  • Excellent properties offer crisp clear vision
  • Unsurpassed performance for a single vision lens
  • Fashionable look

Shamir Attitude III SV

  • Expanded peripheral vision
  • Suited for any frame size and shape

Shamir Relax

  • Reduce visual fatigue associated with prolonged near vision work
  • Aesthetically appealing lenses that suit all types of frames
  • Provide sharp vision at all angles

Shamir Cool

  • Single vision lenses for children
  • Provide clearer vision using special materials
  • High-impact resistant lenses

Office lenses


Shamir has four different lenses for patients who sit in front of a computer all day and those who also have other tasks in an office.

Shamir Computer

  • Allow perfect vision for reading and computer use
  • Very low distortion
  • Help prevent discomfort of Computer Visual Syndrome
  • Sharp vision to 1.5 meters

Shamir Workspace

  • Allow perfect vision for reading and computer use
  • Very low distortion
  • Help prevent discomfort of Computer Visual Syndrome
  • Sharp vision to 3 meters

Shamir Smart Office

  • Minimum distortion level
  • Alleviates the symptoms of Computer Visual Syndrome
  • Provides perfect vision throughout the occupational arc

Shamir Duo

  • Bifocal lenses with improved cosmetic appearance
  • Allow natural accommodation when moving from far vision to near vision
  • No visual distortion along the eye path
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