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Innovation, quality and precision: the new Rodenstock single vision lenses

Rodenstock offers you a complete range of single vision lenses, which cover all visual and aesthetic needs. The complete production process was continuously developed and optimized, so the 140 years of Rodenstock experience in manufacturing innovative and high-quality lenses.

Rodenstock Single Vision Lenses

100% German engineering: from research, to design, prototype, and production, the whole Rodenstock value chain is based in Germany. Maximum precision and handmade premium quality are built into each Rodenstock single vision lens. Only the highest standards of German engineering make Rodenstock single vision lenses a true masterpiece.

Homogenius technology

More clear than this is not possible. The result: maximum transparency

Homogenius technology means:

  • Highest precision machines, made in Germany
  • Maximum hygienic conditions for the highest lens quality
  • Material purity: ultra-fine filters remove the most fine particles, even 100 times finer than hair.
Rodenstock 16 1650x1100

Free Form 3D processing

Rodenstock has vast knowledge and experience in Free Form technology, being the producer of the world first individualized lens in 2000. This method presumes point by point surface milling, grinding and polishing. Now, also a premiere, Rodenstock released Free Form 3D technology, for more improved visual performances.

Rodenstock 17 1650x1100

Individual Parameters

Using Individual Parameters, the lenses are personalized for each wearer. Each surface of the lens is customised, using powerful calculation computers. Thanks to the personalisation and the aspherical design, the lenses are aesthetic and thin, suitable for any frame.

3 models, 3 life styles, always the best

Choose your Rodenstock single vision lenses, for unsurpassed premium vision experience

Rodenstock single vision lenses are available in 3 models:

  • Impression Mono 2
  • Multigressiv Mono 2
  • Cosmolit

Impression Mono 2

For the perfectionist
Rodenstock Single Vision Lenses

The best Rodenstock single vision lens of all times

As individual as your lifestyle.

Unlike conventional lenses, Rodenstock Impression single vision lenses are realized taking into account the individual parameters of each wearer, such as: face form, pupillary distance, frame shape and the frame position on the face.

Rodenstock includes these individual parameters in the calculation and production of Impression lenses. The result is an unique lens realized according to the visual needs of each wearer and which offers optimum vision.

Multigressiv Mono 2

For the demanding
Rodenstock Single Vision Lenses

Excellent imaging properties to the edge of the lens

The lens for your well-being

The new Rodenstock Multigressiv Mono single vision lenses offer excellent visual performances due to a multi-aspherical design, with a complex and well balanced base radius system realized in Free Form 3D technology. It is made using the purest materials, with maximum clarity, obtained by Homogenius technology.

The lenses are calculated for the wearing position, so to give an optimum view on the whole lens surface.


For the quality conscious
Rodenstock Single Vision Lenses

The classical Rodenstock single vision lens

High quality free form technology

Cosmolit are high-quality lenses for outstanding visual quality and wearing comfort. High-tech plastic lenses with excellent visual quality and outstanding cost effectiveness. The quality of Cosmolit has been proven a million times over.

These aesthetically thin lenses are not only very light, but they also reduce the magnifying glass effect by up to 30% so that your eyes do not appear bigger behind the lenses.

Compare Rodenstock single vision lenses

Rodenstock Impression Mono 2

Rodenstock Impression Mono 2 is the first individual single vision lens in the market. The sharpest vision right to the edge of the lens.

Main benefits for you
  • First individual single vision lens
  • Extremely light and thin, therefore very aesthetic
  • High resistance to breakage
  • Sharpest vision right to the edge
  • Award-winning innovation
  • Brand quality from Rodenstock

Rodenstock Multigressiv Mono 2

Rodenstock Multigressiv Mono 2 single vision lenses provide sharp and high-contrast vision right to the edge of the lens – especially at dusk. They are very thin and therefore provide a clear view of your eyes.

Main benefits for you
  • Very aesthetic because they are thin
  • Sharp and high contrast vision right to the edge of the lens
  • Perfect vision, especially at dusk as well
  • Excellent spatial perception
  • Outstanding spontaneous compatibility

Rodenstock Cosmolit

Rodenstock Cosmolit are classical single vision lenses. High-tech plastic lenses with excellent visual quality and outstanding cost effectiveness. Very good vision right to the edge of the lens.

Main benefits for you
  • proven outstanding quality
  • up to 45% lighter than mineral glass
  • up to 20% thinner than conventional plastic lenses
  • up to 30% reduced magnification of the eyes
  • high wearing comfort
  • 100% German engineering skill and quality
  • outstanding cost-effectiveness
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