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Smooth, sharp vision with Rodenstock progressive lenses

Rodenstock Progressive Lenses

Each Rodenstock progressive lens is a small masterpiece. It makes smooth, sharp vision possible for near, intermediate and far vision and uncompromising visual comfort for those with age-related farsightedness.

A Rodenstock progressive lens corrects shortsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia at the same time, and it also gives the wearer clear vision at all intermediate distances. The lenses are made in such a way that there is no visible edge in the lens. This has two decisive benefits: The wearing and visual comfort is considerably higher and the glasses provide an unimpeded view of the eyes. That looks much more aesthetic.

Best technology, best vision: EyeLT

Maximise your potential vision with Rodenstock EyeLT Technology

Rodenstock is the only lenses manufacturer that can calculate the individual aberrations of the human eye for any gaze direction depending on the pupil size with EyeLT. The result is the highest precision Rodenstock lenses of all times. You can use 100% of your personal vision potential.

All Rodenstock progressive lenses are manufactured with EyeLT Technology. Progressive lenses with EyeLT open up a new dimension of vision and make it possible for you to see more and sharper up close.

Rodenstock Progressive Lenses

Benefits of Rodenstock EyeLT Technology:

  • Comprehensive, individual analysis of the entire vision system consisting of the glasses and eyes
  • Sharpest and highest-contrast vision, especially at dusk
  • Maximum comfort
  • Immediate, optimum adaptation

3 models, 3 life styles, always the best

Choose your Rodenstock progressive lenses, for unsurpassed premium vision experience

Rodenstock progressive lenses are available in 3 models:

  • Impression FreeSign 3
  • Multigressiv MyLife 2
  • Progressiv PureLife Free 2

Impression FreeSign 3

For the perfectionist
Rodenstock Progressive Lenses

The best Rodenstock progressive lens of all times

As individual as your lifestyle.

Experience a free and unique vision experience like never before, with our Impression FreeSign 3 progressive lens, which is adapted perfectly to your lifestyle. Is your life characterised by meetings and working on a laptop? Or do you have an active lifestyle, travel a great deal and do a lot of sports?

Rodenstock offers you your own custom-made progressive lens. Enjoy a completely new feeling of life – You will feel more relaxed, capable and full of energy.

Multigressiv MyLife 2

For the demanding
Rodenstock Progressive Lenses

Excellent imaging properties to the edge of the lens

The lens for your well-being

Multigressiv MyLife 2 lenses offer the demanding spectacle wearer an ideal visual experience: enjoy 40% better vision in the near and intermediate range thanks to the revolutionary Rodenstock Eye Lens Technology.

The adjustment of the lens to your individual lifestyle and your personal habits provide sharp and strain-free vision and minimises the swimming effect.

Progressiv PureLife Free 2

For the quality conscious
Rodenstock Progressive Lenses

The classical Rodenstock progressive lens

High quality free form technology

Progressiv PureLife Free 2 are suitable for first time users and for price-conscious. Classical progressive lenses with a high quality standard: Progressiv PureLife Free 2 progressive lenses make it possible to have brilliantly clear vision from near to far and achieve very high reading efficiency.

Large, optimised fields of vision ensure smooth vision and a very short acclimatisation time. Naturally, Rodenstock quality and compatibility guarantee applies to these lenses as well.

Compare Rodenstock progressive lenses

Rodenstock Impression FreeSign 3

Impression FreeSign 3 is available in 4 variations for completely customised visual comfort: All round, Active, Expert, Individual

It doesn’t matter which design you choose; you will receive a lens that is perfectly matched to your eye as well as your lifestyle. The feeling of freedom awaits you with Impression FreeSign 3

Main benefits for you
  • Best vision right from the start – no adaptation time
  • Maximum image stability and minimum distortions
  • Comfortable vision even when taking the stairs
  • 100% natural vision without a swimming effect
  • Available in 4 variations: All round, Active, Expert, Individual

Rodenstock Multigressiv MyLife 2

Perfect looks with aesthetic and thin lenses, Multigressiv MyLife 2 offers bigger and wider vision zones for natural vision.

Main benefits for you
  • Very thin, high-tech progressive lenses
  • Up to 40% better vision in the near and intermediate range
  • Brilliant vision experience with outstandingly true details, especially at dusk
  • Fast adaptation and minimal swimming effect even while climbing stairs
  • Spontaneous well-being and outstanding spatial perception
  • Available in 3 variations: All rounder, Active, Expert

Rodenstock Progressiv PureLife Free 2

Progressiv PureLife Free 2 is a classical progressive lens with large visual zones. The progressive lens that has been proven millions of times. Brilliant, clear vision from near to far for price-conscious progressive lens wearers with a high quality standard.

Main benefits for you
  • Optimum progressive lens for first time users
  • Manufactured with the latest freeform technology
  • Short acclimatisation time and very good spontaneous compatibility thanks to enlarged visual zones
  • Brilliant, clear vision from near to far
  • Up to 40% better visual acuity than conventional progressive lenses
  • Good cost-effectiveness
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