Rodenstock office lenses

Rodenstock lenses for office & computer

More relaxed to work with Rodenstock Ergo 2

With Rodenstock Ergo 2 office lenses, you are treating your eyes to a vacation, even when you work.

You spend a lot of time indoors, working in an office or even working at home. In these situations you need to focus at intermediate distance, and standard lenses don’t give clear and relaxed vision.

When you are at work, it is necessary to look at your monitor, your desk and your colleagues at different distances. With increasing age, that becomes more strenuous for your eyes. As you change your posture, this often results in neck and back pain. And trying to focus at near distance for long time, you experience eye strain, eye fatigue, and headaches.

Rodenstock Office Lenses

Rodenstock Ergo 2 lenses offload stressed eyes as well as tense necks and shoulders. You will notice the effect even if they are only worn for 1-2 hours a day.

Intermediate and near vision are more important compared to far vision when you are indoor at work. Rodenstock Ergo 2 lenses are the perfect solution for wearers who spend long hours in the office, delivering comfortable and clear near and intermediate vision.

The solution for comfortable vision: Rodenstock Ergo 2

Without Rodenstock office lenses, you often end up with blurred vision, eye strain, and headaches — the hallmark symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Worse still, you may try to compensate for your blurred vision by leaning forward, or by tipping your head to look through the bottom portion of your glasses. Both of these actions can result in a sore neck, sore shoulders and a sore back.

Rodenstock Office Lenses

What can you do?

Have a comprehensive eye exam to update your eyeglasses prescription, and ask about Rodenstock Ergo 2 office lenses. These special-purpose lenses are prescribed specifically to reduce eye strain and to give you the most comfortable vision possible at work.

Rodenstock Office Lenses

Benefits of Rodenstock Ergo 2:

  • Clear vision for near to intermediate distance, with wide field of view
  • Relaxed and natural vision in the office and for indoor activities
  • Comfortable head and body posture

Choose your design of Rodenstock Ergo 2 office lenses

Rodenstock office lenses: for near vision and desk work comfort

Rodenstock Ergo 2 are customised individually for typical working distances. Ergo 2 are available in 3 designs: BOOK, PC, ROOM.

Rodenstock Ergo 2 BOOK

Focus on reading
Rodenstock Office Lenses

The lenses for relaxed reading

Easy for smartphones and tablets

Due to the optimum size of the visual zone for near vision to up to 90 cm, the Ergo BOOK lenses are suitable for reading and for using smartphones or tablets as well as other activities at arm’s length.

Ideal for accountants, jewelers, admin work.

Rodenstock Ergo 2 PC

Focus on PC work
Rodenstock Office Lenses

Excellent view of the monitor

The lenses for computer work

Ergo PC lenses ensure an ergonomically correct head and body posture at the computer thanks to sharp vision up to at least 120 cm.

Ideal for doctors, architects, designers.

Rodenstock Ergo 2 ROOM

Focus on indoor work
Rodenstock Office Lenses

Excellent for working with people

The lenses for meetings

Ergo ROOM lenses are for people who often attend meetings or talks to costumers. Relaxed, stress-free vision is possible in a spatial depth of up to five metres.

Ideal for lawyers, engineers or managers.

Compare the 3 Rodenstock Ergo designs

Rodenstock Ergo 2 BOOK

BOOK design type covers requirements for vision that is mainly at short distances.

Main benefits for you
  • Main vision distances: 40/65/90 cm (near/medium/room)
  • Extended visual zone up to 120 cm
  • For fatigue-free and comfortable vision
  • Application examples: activities within an arm’s reach: reading, writing, handicrafts, model building
  • Typical professions: jewelers, admin

Rodenstock Ergo 2 PC

PC design type covers requirements for vision that is mainly at medium distances.

Main benefits for you
  • Main vision distances: 40/80/120 cm (near/medium/room)
  • Extended visual zone up to 150 CM
  • Application examples: PC work, writing, lab work, cooking
  • Typical professions: doctors, designers, programmers

Rodenstock Ergo 2 ROOM

ROOM design covers requirements for vision that is mainly at intermediate distances.

Main benefits for you
  • Main vision distances 40/95/200 cm (near/medium/room)
  • Extended visual zone up to 250 cm
  • Large achievable room depths up to 5m (addition dependent)
  • Application examples: general indoors activities, meetings, training, business with customers, presentations
  • Typical professions: lawyers, engineers, managers
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