Rodenstock driving lenses

Rodenstock driving lenses Road 2

Greater safety comes from optimal vision.

Road safety depends not only on the vehicle or on your individual skills behind the wheel. A key aspect is vision.

Rodenstock Driving Lenses

Every driver knows that their vision may be compromised in the event of heavy rainfall, fog or snow. Driving at dusk or the headlights of oncoming vehicles pose a real challenge for many people.

Rodenstock Road 2 is the solution. With the specially developed single vision and progressive lenses you are optimally equipped for the visual requirements of driving – for enhanced safety in road traffic.

Seeing the road ahead

Reduced glare

Rodenstock Driving Lenses

Many drivers feel dazzled especially by modern Xenon or LED headlights. The innovative Road 2 reduces these dazzling effects. Annoying light reflections, e.g. from road lighting or wet roads, are also reduced significantly. During the day the enhanced contrast ensures relaxed driving. What’s more: Road 2 is very dust-repellent and easy to maintain.

Good spatial vision

Rodenstock Driving Lenses

The reliable assessment of distances, which is important when parking, but especially when overtaking, is dependent on spatial vision. And spatial vision may be impaired for spectacle wearers who have different values in the left and right eye. Rodenstock Road 2 is the solution here: The optimised lenses ensure symmetrical fields of vision between right and left eye and thus safe 3D vision.

Improved night vision

Rodenstock Driving Lenses

Many drivers feel uneasy when driving in the dark or when visibility is poor. Because the pupils get bigger in the dark. The light beams are refracted differently, thus creating a blurry image. Rodenstock Road 2 ensures razor-sharp and high-contrast vision, above all in poor lighting conditions.

Greater safety from optimal vision

Rodenstock Driving Lenses

When driving, your eyes have to quickly adapt to the different distances: the road, the navigation device, the mirrors and back again. The design of Rodenstock Road 2 is adapted precisely to these dynamic requirements. Very large visual fields ensure all-round sharp vision, also for rapid change of focus.

The ideal companion, also in day-to-day life

Rodenstock Driving Lenses

You get as much pleasure from your Rodenstock Road 2 lenses behind the wheel as you do when you step out of the car. And they are also pleasing to the eye in everyday life, for example when shopping, partaking in hobbies or at work. Optimal spatial vision, fatigue-free, also with frequent exchanges of glances, and all this also in poor lighting conditions. Excellent properties which make Rodenstock Road 2 the ideal lenses all day long.

Rodenstock Road 2 is available for both single vision lenses and progressive lenses.

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