Rodenstock digital lenses

Rodenstock lenses for a digital life

Reduce your tired eyes: use the new anti-fatigue lenses by Rodenstock

Rodenstock digital lenses are a new category of lenses, that was unknown just a few years back. With the massive use of digital devices – by young and old – digital lenses are designed specifically for this use.

Unlike traditional reading glasses, progressives and the more traditional office lenses that are suitable for presbyopes, digital lenses are ideal for almost everybody.

Rodenstock Digital Lenses

The goal of Rodenstock digital lenses is to reduce the work done by the ciliary muscle. The ciliary muscle is a muscle inside the eye that controls the focus of objects at varying distances.

By reducing the work done by the ciliary muscle, you will reduce eyestrain, improve ocular comfort and accuracy of focus. This will give you the ability to concentrate for longer, work more efficiently, improve performance, and delay the onset of presbyopia.

Give yourself fresh, relaxed and attractive eyes day by day

Young people often hold their smartphones and tablets at very close, seemingly abnormal working distances of 10-20cm. The work done by the ciliary muscle at such close distance is extremely high. Those over the age of 30 or 40 years will be pushing their eyes to the absolute limit.

The result is the early onset of visual fatigue and symptoms of sore, red, tired, heavy feeling eyes, headaches, blurred and sometimes double vision. Dry eye and symptoms of a sore neck or back are additional issues that may arise.

Rodenstock Digital Lenses

Less tired, more productive

Standard single vision distance lenses used to be adequate for most younger patients who are not presbyopic. However, with the increase in the amount of reading on computers and cell phones, it becomes challenging for your eyes.

Rodenstock Digital Lenses

The purpose of Rodenstock digital lenses is to “relax” your focusing system with the constant near work you put your eyes through on a daily basis.  More and more people are complaining of eye strain and fatigue. Rodenstock digital lenses are designed to relieve these symptoms.

Choose your model of Rodenstock digital lenses

Rodenstock digital lenses: for unsurpassed vision and increased performance

Rodenstock digital lenses are available in 2 models:

  • Impression Mono Plus 2
  • Multigressiv Mono Plus 2

Impression Mono Plus 2

For the perfectionist
Rodenstock Digital Lenses

The best Rodenstock digital lens of all times

As individual as your lifestyle.

Constantly changing focal distances are a challenge for our eyes. With the newly developed Impression Mono Plus 2 lenses, your eyes can now relax.

Thanks to a slight reading boost of +0.5 dioptres in the lower area of the lens, seeing is less fatiguing and your vision remains fresh and attractive longer.

Multigressiv Mono Plus 2

For the demanding
Rodenstock Digital Lenses

Excellent imaging properties to the edge of the lens

The lens for your well-being

With Rodenstock Multigressiv Mono Plus 2, you will enjoy outstanding vision with very good aesthetics through very thin lenses.

They make it easy to adapt to different focal distances and give you fresh, relaxed and attractive eyes day by day and in any situation. In addition, these lenses increase your performance on the job and in your spare time through slight reading support.

Compare Rodenstock anti-fatigue lenses

Rodenstock Impression Mono Plus 2

Rodenstock Impression Mono Plus 2 is the first individual single vision lens in the market. The sharpest vision right to the edge of the lens.

Main benefits for you
  • Relax your vision even when you change your view frequently
  • Sharpest vision right to the edge of the lens
  • Increase your performance at work through the anti-fatigue support
  • Exploit of up to 100% of your personal vision potential through an analysis of the entire vision system
  • Glare-free vision thanks to the Solitaire 2 anti-reflective coating

Rodenstock Multigressiv Mono Plus 2

Rodenstock Multigressiv Mono Plus 2 single vision lenses provide sharp and high-contrast vision right to the edge of the lens – especially at dusk. They are very thin and therefore provide a clear view of your eyes.

Main benefits for you
  • Very aesthetic because they are quite thin
  • Outstanding vision right to the edge of the lens
  • Anti-fatigue support
  • Sharp and high-contrast – even at dusk
  • Outstanding ease of adaptation
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