140 years of experience: Tradition and innovation.

Rodenstock is Germany’s leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses. It was founded in 1877. Today Rodenstock has a worldwide workforce of 4500 people and it is represented in more than 85 countries.

At the heart of Rodenstock is optimisation of the optical image, increasing the wearing comfort. In other words: improving vision and looks.

Rodenstock stands for the highest technological standards and products of outstanding quality. Rodenstock is the creator of in innovative technologies and hence innovative product solutions, with a claim to the highest precision. You benefit from a one-of-a-kind vision experience, excellent wearing comfort and perfect aesthetics.



  • Established in 1877 in Germany
  • First to develop bifocal lenses
  • First to develop UV protection
  • 100% made in Germany technology
  • All Rodenstock lenses give 100% UV protection

Coating by Rodenstock

Solitaire 2

Rodenstock coating Solitaire Protect Plus 2 protects your lenses from problems such as dirt, dust, water and reflections. Lenses with Solitaire Protect Plus 2 are also twice as scratch-resistant as conventional lenses, have excellent anti-reflective properties, superb cleaning properties and perfect UV protection.


Premium coating with 2 years warranty


The Solitaire 2 properties:

  • Maximum durability of the lenses through excellent scratch protection
  • Long lasting, repellent to dirt, grease and water
  • Anti-static effect
  • Anti-fogging effect when needed
  • Incredibly easy to clean
  • Excellent vision and a great look due to ideal anti-reflection
  • Perfect UV protection
  • Balance biorhythm by reducing artificial blue light

Rodenstock products

Rodenstock offers a variety of products. Best progressive lenses on the market, top-of-the-line customized single vision lenses.

Rodenstock leads the industry with innovative and technologically advanced progressive lens design. Among the best! (Read more)


Rodenstock single vision lenses are aspherical, for extremely high clarity and consistent vision. Among the best! (Read more)


Smart lenses designed especially for a digital life, to relax the vision and prevent fatigue. (Read more)


Office lenses, designed for computer work and reading. Comfortable and sharp vision at the desk. (Read more)


Special lenses for driving, sharp and high-contrast particularly in poor lighting, making you feel safe and confident on the road. (Read more)


Photochromic lenses with excellent performance. Clear indoor, fast adaptation to sunlight. In Grey, Green and Brown. (Read more)

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