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About Nikon office lenses

See your digital world clear and better

In these days, we spend more and more hours on a wide variety of digital devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. Using these devices requires us to adjust our vision to near and intermediate distance more often than in the past.

Regular progressive wearers are all too familiar with the frustration of trying to find that sweet spot required for computer work. Nikon office lenses bridge the gap between reading and distance with a prescription that’s specifically built for screen time — desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and anything else in the middle distance.

Nikon office lenses offer a range of choices to accommodate your specific needs so that you can fully enjoy your digital lifestyle.

Nikon Office Lenses

Nikon office lenses are designed for use in an office and are intended to provide clear vision at around 40cm to 2 meters. Nikon office lenses are great for people needing clear vision at intermediate and near distances such as architects, programmers, dentists, lawyers, draftsmen, and editors.

Nikon office lenses will give you more depth than reading glasses, and much wider view of the computer monitor as compared to a pair of progressive lenses.

If you use a computer more than four hours per day, Nikon office lenses are ideal and help alleviate visual fatigue, or computer vision syndrome. These lenses also allow for better posture, making it easier to hold your head in a more natural position.

Four reasons why you need Nikon office lenses

Nikon Office Lenses
1. Enjoy clearer computer vision

These lenses are built to work with your computer, tablet, and smartphone. They keep the field directly in front of you firmly in focus, so you aren’t having to constantly tilt your head (or your glasses) up and down.

Nikon Office Lenses
2. Get SeeCoat Blue protection

All Nikon office lenses come with built in SeeCoat Blue protection to help shield against harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. This helps to limit eye strain, tiredness, and itchiness.

Nikon Office Lenses
3. Cut down on neck & back strain

Constantly moving your head to shift your focus can put serious strain your neck and back throughout the day. By having glasses that focus for you, you can sit straighter and avoid slumping or slouching.

Nikon Office Lenses
4. Have fun with added style options

Life’s always more fun with variety: having a second pair lets you play around with new shapes, shades, and materials.

Choose the Nikon office lenses to suit your lifestyle

Nikon office lenses are available in 3 models:
  • Soltes is an extended focus lens design for near at hand activities
  • Home & Office is an extended focus lens design for indoor activities
  • DigiLife is a progressive lens design for wider intermediate vision zone

Nikon Soltes Wide

For computer work
Nikon Office Lenses

Soltes Wide is Nikon’s latest design for extended near distance category lenses.

Soltes Wide offer superior optical quality for near and intermediate vision tasks, such as computer monitors, digital devices and other close up viewing, for today’s presbyopics.

With Soltes Wide, you will enjoy greater comfort with computers, with more comfortable angles without having to lean forward or to tilt your head.

Nikon Home & Office

For indoor work
Nikon Office Lenses

Nikon Home & Office provide the perfect enhanced intermediate vision.

Home & Office are recommended for multi-tasking in indoor situations. Home & Office is the perfect solution for wearers who spend long hours at home and office, delivering high quality and comfortable near and intermediate vision.

Enjoy natural and comfortable vision from watching TV to chatting with the family. From your laptop to the whiteboard, back to your laptop with one pair of glasses, all at ease.

Nikon DigiLife

For digital lifestyle
Nikon Office Lenses

Nikon DigiLife are progressive lenses with wider intermediate meant for digital lifestyle. It is recommended for progressive wearers who use digital devices most of the day.

Nikon DigiLife put the distance of digital devices at the heart of the design process, with superior comfort for intermediate vision.

Nikon DigiLife allow you to enjoy your computer and mobile devices by providing smooth and quick visual access into the intermediate focal range area. The lenses are very adaptable whether you are a first time wearer or upgrading your current lenses.

Compare the 3 Nikon office lenses designs

Nikon Soltes Wide

Soltes Wide covers requirements for vision that is mainly at short distances.

Main benefits for you:

  • Main vision distance: 50cm-120cm
  • Extended visual zone up to 2 meters
  • Greatest comfort with computers
  • Application examples: computer work for long hours, work with large monitors, up-close desk work
  • Upgrade from reading glasses
  • Great complement to current progressive lenses
  • Includes SeeCoat Blue with blue light control

Nikon Home & Office

Home & Office covers requirements for vision that is mainly at intermediate.

Main benefits for you:

  • Main vision distance: 2-4 meters
  • Extended visual zone up to 5 meters
  • Greatest comfort with indoor activities
  • Application examples: meetings, whiteboard presentations, cooking, demonstrations, seminars
  • Includes SeeCoat Blue with blue light control

Nikon DigiLife

DigiLife covers requirements for vision that is mainly at intermediate.

Main benefits for you:

  • Main vision distance: 2-4 meters
  • Maintains all features of progressive lenses
  • Enhanced intermediate vision
  • Greatest comfort with computers and digital devices
  • Very easy adaptation, also for first time progressive wearers
  • Application examples: sales and marketing, admin work, everyday activities including driving
  • Includes SeeCoat Blue with blue light control
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