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Nikon RelaxSee

The Nikon lenses to ease fatigue from digital devices

RelaxSee is a new concept lens for individuals experiencing eye strains, starting in the early 30s. RelaxSee has been especially designed to relax your eyes when you use digital devices, such as smart phones, tablets, monitors.

Nikon Digital Lenses

Singaporeans, like most other people elsewhere, use computers, smartphones and tablets in their everyday activities, in greater extent and with increasing frequency. At least 90% of people are using a digital device regularly, with at least 70% of them reporting feeling some eye strain or physical discomfort. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Nikon RelaxSee is a simple ways to correct this so you don’t have to experience these unpleasant symptoms.

The Nikon solution: Twin Technology

RelaxSee uses Nikon’s unique “Twin Technology” to provide clear and sharp far vision without compromising the performance of the upper part of the lens.

Relaxsee lenses prevent eye strain by creating a special comfort zone on the lens. The distance vision is provided by the upper portion of the RelaxSee lens, while toward the bottom of the lens, it has a subtle increase of convex power to give stress-free near vision.

Together with the lower part of the lens, which works to provide stress-free near vision, RelaxSee ensures to deliver both sharp vision for far and relaxing near vision.

Nikon Digital Lenses

Is your answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Do you experience eye fatigue after spending time using electronic gadgets or computers?
  • Do you sometimes experience blurred or double vision when reading?
  • Do your eyes ache while working on the computer?
  • When reading, do you lose concentration?
Nikon Digital Lenses

Blue Light Control

Did you know that digital devices emit powerful blue light? And that blue light can be harmful to your eyes and can cause damage to the retina?

RelaxSee lenses are coated with SeeCoat Blue, to protect your eyes from harmful blue light, to reduce glare and flicker, and to enhance screen contrast.

What is Computer vision syndrome (CVS)?

In today’s info-overloaded world, it’s increasingly common for many of us to work on digital screens for hours, sending text messages, scrolling through Facebook newsfeeds, viewing Instagram photos and then relax by watching YouTube videos.

When you focus at small digital screens constantly, the eye’s internal lens needs to accomodate more to maintain the focus at near.

This effort causes the symptoms mentioned above as the eye muscles work harder.

How to reduce eye strain?

Nikon Digital Lenses

One simple way to reduce eye strain is with the Nikon RelaxSee lenses.

RelaxSee has a name that sums up perfectly what is does: it allows you to relax as you see. Designed for people from 20-40, who are experiencing blurred vision caused by eye fatigue, the single vision lens relieves eye strain and eye fatigue.

This relief allows you to be comfortable while undertaking your daily tasks and allows you to enjoy your hobbies.

How does RelaxSee work?

Nikon Digital Lenses

RelaxSee lenses have Twin Zone technology, preventing eye strain by creating a special comfort zone on the lenses.

The distance vision is provided by the upper portion of the lenses, while toward the bottom of the lenses there is a subtle increase in convex power. This ensures stress-free near vision.

RelaxSee is highly beneficial for people who are non-presbyopic but experience visual fatigue and eye strain when reading or doing computer work for length periods of time.

The benefits of Nikon RelaxSee

  • Reduces eye strain and eye fatigue
  • Less strain on the ciliary muscle
  • Great optical performance
  • Ideal for prolonged periods of reading on smartphones and computer work
  • Protection for harmful blue light

RECOMMENDED FOR: Wearers whose eyes feel tired after prolonged use of eyeglasses, and for prolonged use of digital devices.

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