130 years of a colorful history.

Kodak was founded in 1888 by George Eastman. Kodak is one of the most recognised brands in the world, with a huge expertise in imaging. Kodak lenses continue the tradition of the company, through advanced optical digital technology.

Every Kodak lens is individually crafted to the highest possible standards. Kodak lenses will give you a richer, clearer, more vibrant and colorful vision.

The great legacy of Kodak experience in photography and image processing can be found in every pair of Kodak lenses.



  • Established in 1888 in U.S.
  • 2 years warranty on Kodak coating
  • Wide range of progressive lenses
  • Fast Track: Kodak progressive lenses ready in 1 day

A rich heritage, known by generations

KODAK has enabled generations to capture special moments and create memories that go beyond any functional benefits a product can bring.

KODAK Lens has an undertaking to make vision correction simple and accessible to everyone, providing outstanding optical solutions at realistic prices.


Premium coating with 2 years warranty


KODAK lenses are reflection free and have been developed to actively resist dirt, grime, smudges and water. These lenses are 10 times easier to clean than lenses with traditional reflection free coatings.

The wearer also benefits from clearer vision in all light and weather conditions, as well as the improved cosmetic finish of reflection free lenses.


  • Reflection free, improved clarity of vision and cosmetic finish of glasses
  • Cleaner for longer
  • No irritating glare
  • Increased wearer comfort
  • 2 years warranty

KODAK products

KODAK offers a wide variety of progressive lenses, and affordable single vision lenses with top-of-the-line coating.

A range of KODAK progressive lenses is available, from the affordable Precise PB to the very latest individually designed Exclusive HD. They are all available in many different materials from conventional plastic through to 1.74 the worlds thinnest plastic lens material. (Read more)


Lenses for those that require only one prescription to correct their vision. Available in a choice of materials from conventional plastic through to 1.74, the world’s thinnest plastic lens material. Whatever your lifestyle, KODAK will make a lens for you. (Read more)

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