A passion for innovation

HOYA makes premium quality lenses to suit everyone’s individual needs and lifestyles. HOYA was one of the first to revolutionise lenses through their innovative design and ongoing research and development.

If you’re considering premium brand lenses, Hoya is a good option. Hoya lenses have been used on space shuttles, medical imaging devices, and even inside LCD TV panels. Hoya combines over 50 years of optical engineering experience with advanced materials and high-tech knowledge.


Hoya offers a complete range of single vision and progressive lenses to suit your lifestyle needs.

Like fingerprints, no two eyes are exactly the same. The correction to restore and enhance one’s vision should be equally unique, hence why HOYA has produced world leading lens technologies that correct each eye’s specific correction requirements.

It’s what’s inside your frames that counts and HOYA is dedicated in giving you the best solution for you and your family’s eye health needs.


  • Founded in 1941 in Hoya, Tokyo
  • First progressive lenses in 1967
  • Merged with Pentax in 2008
  • Partnered with Seiko
  • Over 150 offices and subsidiaries worldwide
  • Multinational workforce of 36000 people

The benefits of Hoya technology

Freeform technology

All Hoya lenses are produced with freeform surfacing technology. The lens surface is calculated as a series of individual points. Each point is then cut – at the pixel level – along multiple axes. Such precision means each lens is optimised for every prescription. Hoya can even incorporate frame, fitting and wearing parameters into the lens calculation. The result is a highly personalized lens.


TrueForm technology

TrueForm technology is used to produce our family of premium progressives, single vision, indoor and bifocal lenses.


Binocular Harmonization Technology

Binocular Harmonization Technology and Binocular Eye Model are used for our latest generation of Hoyalux iD V+ lenses. They offer unprecedented binocular performance, perfect and effortless focusing, and excellent depth of vision.


iD FreeForm Design Technology

iD FreeForm Design Technology, Hoya Vision’s leading and award-winning lens technology, is used to produce our Hoyalux iD family of advanced progressive lenses. It provides perfectly balanced, wide, distortion-free vision and smooth transition between far and near.


Hoya products

Hoya offers a wide variety of progressive lenses, single vision lenses and office lenses.

Whatever your lifestyle and your requirements are, Hoya has a range of lenses to fit your needs.


Hoya MiYOSMART is the innovative solution for slowing down myopia progression in an easy, safe, effective non-invasive way, so your child can race full-steam ahead. (MORE)

Hoya Miyosmart: Possibly The Best Myopia Control Lenses For Children

Progressive lenses


Hoya has a wide range of progressive lenses, to cater to different needs and budgets.


Hoya MySelf elevates binocular performance with Binocular Vision Technology and the pioneering 3D Binocular Vision. These progressive lenses are tailor-made and individualised for each individual wearer. Hoya MySelf are the most advance progressive lenses offered by Hoya.

MyStyle V+

Hoya MyStyle is tailored to your eyes just like how a bespoke suit is tailored for your body. With Hoyalux MyStyle, you can enjoy effortless focusing across different distances and easy adaptation. Your power, lifestyle and past wearing experiences will be analysed to provide you an improved depth of perception and optimised visual clarity.

Myself Profile

Hoya Myself Profile are individualised lenses designed to meet your specific needs, providing clear, natural sight at all distances, wide distortion-free fields of vision, superior image stability and a smooth transition between near and far.

LifeStyle Balansis

LifeStyle Balansis take the common adaptation issues into consideration and offer comfortable vision.

LifeStyle 4

LifeStyle 4 are progressive lenses recommended for wearers who want lenses  which consider their lifestyle.

Dynamic Summit

Hoya Dynamic Summit allows quick focusing from far to near and provides wearers with a natural head posture.

Dynamic Premium

Dynamic Premium reduces swim and sway effect even when moving around and provides a wider field of field compared to standard lenses.

Single vision lenses


Hoya offers many single vision lenses with good visual performance.

Nulux Active

Nulux Active lenses are designed to keep your eyes energised throughout the day. Wearers can enjoy comfortable vision even after long hours of near or digital work, with smooth transition when viewing from far to near.

Nulux V+

Nulux V+ give sharp and unrestricted vision in all directions with a natural and clear visual field customised based on every position of wear.

Nulux EP

Nulux EP are cosmetically thin lenses with superior viewing experience.

Nulux TF

Nulux TF are thin lenses that offer wide vision on the periphery and image appears natural.

Nulux Classic

Nulux Classic offers good vision for low to mid power prescriptions.

Hilux Classic

Hilux is a reliable spherical design and a solution for wearers looking for correction at a single distance.

Office lenses


Office lenses offer some benefits over traditional progressive lenses. Hoya has four different lenses for people who want special lenses for their all-day work in the office and in front of a computer.

WorkStyle 3

WorkStyle 3 are personalised indoor lenses catered for different visual needs with wider near and intermediate visual fields compared to progressive lenses.

WorkStyle Business

WorkStyle Business are office lenses for indoor use, for distance up to 4 metres.

SupeReader B

SupeReader B are office lenses for reading and near work, covering up to one arm’s length distance

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