Essilor Xperio

Polarized prescription sun lenses

Xperio are polarized prescription lenses designed to provide wearers a better visual experience under the sun. Launched in 2009 in the United States, Xperio polarized lenses eliminate glare, while offering superior comfort and quality of vision.

Xperio polarized prescription lenses are more than just sun lenses. Xperio lenses provide higher definition, elimination of glare and distortion. They also brings maximum UV protection with the highest E-SPF index available. Xperio lenses are scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Xperio – Engineered to conquer blinding glare


Why you need high quality polarized sun lenses

Glare can be dangerous

Light reflected off a flat surface (like a road, water or sand) can create blinding glare. This glare can seriously impair your vision and cause potential hazards.

UV damages your eyes

UV is everywhere, not just directly from the sun but also reflected off many surfaces. Do you know that 90% of UV ray can pass through clouds?


Layers of protection

Several layers provide maximum UV protection and minimize distracting glare from the back of the lens. With an E-SPF index of 50+, Xperio lenses are ideal for outdoor activities and safeguard your eyes for years to come.

Xperio – Tested for any adventure

Experience the maximum durability and cleanability of Xperio UV polarized sun lenses.

No glare

Eliminate blinding reflected glare
Eliminate blinding reflected glare for better awareness and reaction time
So you see better, feel better and perform better!


Maximum front and back UV protection
Crizal UV coating and E-SPF 50+ index to provide maximum protection on both the front and back surfaces of the lenses.

True colours

Truer colour perception and enhanced contrast
Environmental colour distortions by glare are minimized for clear, defined vision.


Available in your prescription
Customisable to single vision or progressive lens designs, according to your visual needs.

Did you know Xperio UV polarized prescription sun lenses provide the ultimate protection from UV rays on both sides of the lens? With an E-SPF (Eye-Sun Protective Factor) of 50+, you get the highest level of UV protection offered within the E-SPF index.

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