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Keep your children’s future in focus with Myopilux

Do you know that Singapore is the “Myopia capital of the world”? The Health Promotion Board of Singapore found that 65% of primary school students are myopic.

The first signs of myopia generally appear at around the age of 6 and progression can reach up to two dioptres per year. Progression usually stops when the child stops growing. In Singapore, it is not unusual to see children with myopia of -8 dioptres or more.

Control myopia with Myopilux


Myopilux are specialized prescription lenses that help correct far vision and reduce strain for near vision. Myopilux correct and control Myopia.

Myopilux are superior to single vision lenses, which only correct far vision without helping to reduce strain on near vision.


High myopia increases the risks of vision problems, such as retinopathies, retinal detachment or glaucoma.

High myopia can also have an impact on social life.

Two effective designs

Myopilux are clinically proven as the most effective spectacle lens solution for controlling kids’ myopia.
Myopilux lenses are available in two designs – Myopilux Max and Myopilux Plus.

Myopilux Plus


Myopilux Plus are progressive lenses specially designed for kids, taking into account the eye anatomy, facial anatomy and ergonomics. These lenses offer a wide range of vision and provides posture comfort.

Myopilux Max


Myopilux Max are prismatic bifocal lenses recommended for exophoric patients. They provide the widest field of vision for a myopic child.

Control the progression of myopia with Myopilux

Learn how Myopilux works. Keep your child’s future in focus with Myopilux!

How Myopilux works


Benefits for your children:

  • Non-invasive
  • Stabilize myopia
  • Lower myopia as adults
  • Better social life
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