The brand

FreshKon provides an extensive range of contact lenses for various eye problems. FreshKon is especially known for their fashionable contact lenses. As of today, Freshkon is very popular for its signature lines of cosmetic contact lenses.

The products
  • FreshKon Alluring Eyes 1-DAY
  • FreshKon Alluring Eyes monthly
  • FreshKon Color Fusion 1-DAY
  • FreshKon Color Fusion monthly
  • FreshKon Mosaic monthly
  • FreshKon Daily
  • FreshKon 58 monthly
  • FreshKon A55 monthly
  • FreshKon N-Hance toric monthly

The benefits

FreshKon produces really fashionable contact lenses. If you are looking for a contact lens that will match your outfit, we suggest you try FreshKon contact lenses.


FreshKon Alluring Eyes are created to instantly enhance your natural beauty and confidence.


FreshKon Color Fusion is available in 7 shades: Blooming Pink, Blushing Violet, Brilliant Brown, Glinting Brown, Shimmering Grey, Glittering Blue and Gleaming Green.


If you are looking for great cosmetic contact lenses, you can choose from the list of FreshKon high-quality cosmetic lenses.

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