The brand

Acuvue is one of the leading brands in the production of contact lenses. The contact has been around since the 1950s and has been credited with the production of the world’s first soft disposable contact lenses. As of today, Acuvue’s lenses are worn by more people than any other brand.

The products
  • ACUVUE Oasys 1-DAY
  • ACUVUE Oasys 1-DAY for astigmatism
  • ACUVUE Oasys bi-weekly
  • ACUVUE Oasys bi-weekly for astigmatism
  • ACUVUE VITA monthly
  • ACUVUE VITA monthly for astigmatism
  • 1-DAY ACUVUE Moist
  • 1-DAY ACUVUE Moist for astigmatism
  • 1-DAY ACUVUE Moist multifocal
  • 1-DAY ACUVUE Define

The benefits

ACUVUE is known for making contact lenses for all types of eye problems such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, and for beauty purposes. ACUVUE lenses are very comfortable to wear and fashionable. If you are looking for a brand that you can trust while putting comfort and design into consideration, we recommend you get ACUVUE contact lenses.


Acuvue is the most highly recommended and trusted top-selling contact lens brand.


Acuvue contact lenses are highly recommended because they stay moist throughout the day to give you the ultimate comfort.


Wear Acuvue Define when going for an interview or when you want to keep attention on you.

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