Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses
by stefyxz
Most people can wear contact lenses successfully, even if they prefer to wear glasses as their primary form of vision correction.
Contact lenses are great for sports and exercising. They won’t clash with what you’re wearing. They won’t fog up. And you can get different eye colors, with color contact lenses.

For Myopia and Hyperopia

You can get away with the constant pressure on your nose and behind your ears for wearing spectacles.

Contact Lenses

For Astigmatism

Having astigmatism does not mean you can’t wear contacts. Toric lenses are made specifically for people with astigmatism.

Contact Lenses

For Beauty

Which style best suits you? Choose beauty lenses that are captivating, sophisticated, elegant, enchanting… or just plain fun!

Contact Lenses

For Presbyopia

Presbyopia is age-related eye condition, which results in a reduced ability to see near. Multi-focal contact lenses provide good functional vision at distance, intermediate and near.

Contact Lenses

Key Benefits of contact lenses

Contact lenses have some advantages over spectacles. Lifestyle, convenience, comfort and aesthetics can influence your choice for contact lenses.

  • Contact lenses provide a wide field of view and cause less distortion.
  • With contact lenses, peripheral vision is unobstructed.
  • Contact lenses are very practical when you play sports and exercise.
  • Contact lenses won’t clash with what you’re wearing.
  • Contact lenses won’t fog up.
  • You can change your look with color contact lenses.

The choices for contact lenses are vast and with increased comfort and ease of use. We help customers identify the lenses that best suit their needs and their budget.

There are many brands, with many product lines. We help customers identify the most suitable brand — the brand that offers the most advantages — to provide the best benefits and to fit in the customers’ needs.

When considering contact lenses, we will help you to choose among different materials: soft hydrogel, silicone hydrogel, RGP.

Get all the special features that you need for your contact lenses at Visio Optical:

  • disposable / reusable
  • daily / bi-weekly / monthly
  • clear / tinted
  • spherical / toric
  • single vision / multifocal
Contact Lenses

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Contact Lenses

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Contact Lenses

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Contact Lenses

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Contact Lenses

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Contact Lenses

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