Oakley Service: Wingspan Oakley Repaint

Oakley Service: Wingspan Oakley Repaint
by Visio Optical
Oakley Wingspan Repainted 01 B
Oakley Wingspan glasses with color peel

If you own a pair of spectacles that seems to fade away due to wearing or simply because the paint has tarnished, you can consider repainting your favourite glasses. Designer glasses, vintage frames, luxurious eyeglasses or any kind of metal eyewear can be repainted, with our trusted and tested Visio Optical Repaint Service.

Oakley Wingspan Repainted 04
Another view of these Oakley Wingspan before repaint

Even if Visio Optical does not offer Oakley glasses for sale, we would love to help Oakley wearers when they need to service their frames!

Oakley spectacles and sunglasses

Oakley spectacles and sunglasses are popular worldwide because of their innovation-driven design and performance eyewear such as sunglasses and goggles. It is a brand born back in 1975 in the United States. Initially, it sold handgrips for motorcycles. From this, the manufacturer’s attention turned towards designing goggles and ultimately led to the appearance of the famous spectacles and sunglasses. Mostly, this brand aimed to suit the needs of active people, which is why a core element of Oakley’s distinctive appeal is its association with influential athletes and sports people.

Collecting and wearing Oakleys

Oakley is a brand that calls for lifelong devotion from its fans. It’s a brand with tremendous appeal, at the same level of brands like Apple and Nike. For people that wear Oakley, it is so much more than just a logo. It is a lifestyle, a culture, or even a way of life.

Some Oakley collectors are almost extremists in their passion, and they can be emotional about their eyeglasses. Keen cyclists, joggers, fishermen, they all like to have a pair of Oakley. Determined to wear them as much as possible, Oakley fans would look for replacement parts when needed. In this way they can prolong the lifespan of their beloved eyewear.

Servicing Oakley eyewear

Oakley Wingspan Repainted 05 B
The side of these tarnished Oakley Wingspan

To keep Oakley eyeglasses in tiptop conditions, over an extended period, sometimes it is necessary to get professional servicing. This is the case of scratched lenses, rubber parts, or the paint that peels off the metal frame, or even some corrosion due to wear and tear. The time comes when Oakley wearers will need proper maintenance, done by skilled technicians.

Oakley Wingspan Repainted 06 B
Corrosion and color peel on the inside of the Oakley Wingspan
Oakley Wingspan Repainted 07 B
The front of the Oakley Wingspan, badly tarnished
Oakley Wingspan Repainted 09 B
These Oakley Wingspan need some service

Why should one repaint Oakleys?

Oakley Wingspan Repainted 15
Oakley Service: Repainting Oakley Wingspan

If you haven’t thought about this until now, repainting a pair of spectacles has many benefits:

  • The lifespan of your eyeglasses increases significantly, when they get proper maintenance, including repainting.
  • Visio Optical uses high-quality powder coating paints, that are very long-lasting.
  • Repainting spectacles will offer you the opportunity to change their appearance.
  • It allows you to keep your beloved spectacles and wear them again with confidence.
  • Since you can tailor the frame color to the lens type, you can come up with some very original and eye catching color combinations.

Visio Optical – servicing Oakley spectacles and sunglasses

Oakley Wingspan Repainted 20
Oakley Wingspan Repainted 20

We offer repair and repaint services for any kind of spectacles, including luxury brands and vintage eyeglasses. And even though we do not sell Oakley spectacles and sunglasses, we sure service Oakley, restore and repaint them according to our clients needs and wants.

Oakley Wingspan Repainted 10
Oakley Service: Repainting Oakley Wingspan

For instance, have a look at this pair of Oakley that we repainted. This is an Oakley Wingspan, a famous and quite old model. The paint was flaking off, and it was ugly to see, and even embarrassing to wear. Its owner found our services, and he opted to repaint them.

Oakley Wingspan Repainted 13
Oakley Wingspan Repainted 13

Eyewear repaint in Singapore

Visio Optical is the only eyewear shop in Singapore that offers spectacle frame repaint services, especially for brands such as Oakley. We are able to repaint metal frames for both spectacles and sunglasses, from any brand, no matter if the frame is old or new. Yet we cannot service plastic frames, as the powder used for repainting is not suitable for such materials.

Usually, repainting a pair of glasses takes up to 2 working days, but you can request our express service for 24 hours jobs. The new paint will last for an extended period of time, as powder coating paint is very reliable.

Powder coating for spectacles

Oakley Service: Wingspan Oakley Repaint
Glasses repaint: Powder coating process

We use a technique called “powder coating”, for which we use specialized equipment and a labor-intensive process. First, we strip the original paint completely and we sandblast the frame. Then we re-apply the new color with an electric gun at very high voltage (up to 10000 Volts). Lastly, we cure the color in a hoven. For this reason, we can only repaint metal frames.

Oakley Service: Wingspan Oakley Repaint
Oakley Service: Wingspan Oakley Repaint

This kind of paint is traditionally used in highly-automated industrial processes. It is normally used for painting house appliances or cars due to the fact that it provides a very durable protection. We replicate the process in a very small scale. The whole process is time-consuming, since we do everything manually without automation. However, the result is a spectacles frame that looks just like new.

Many colors are available. We have accumulated a range of colors, and we have more than 50 colors to offer. For each color we have prepared a sample spectacles frame, for your convenience, so that it’s easier to choose and see how it really looks.

Oakley Service: Wingspan Oakley Repaint
Glasses repaint: Powder coating colors

So, if you are looking for reviving your beloved pair of spectacles or sunglasses, you should visit our shop, as our team will offer you all the information you need. We can repaint all sorts of models and brands, as you request, with qualitative materials and impeccable services.

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