Piggy Lenses

by Visio Optical

Life is too short to wear boring glasses! Get a pair of customised spectacles!

Customised spectacles - Piggy sunglasses with prescription
Piggy Lenses – customised spectacles with prescription for CNY 2019

Well, you probably already know that there are a multitude of spectacles shops in Singapore, but Visio Optical is the only one that can make customized lenses with shapes based on customer’s demands.

Why choose customised glasses?

Customised spectacles - Piggy sunglasses with prescription
Custom made CNY 2019 Piggy sunglasses with prescription

Customised spectacles shapes represent a rather unique and special service, which is why we encourage our customers to design spectacles or sunglasses accordingly to their preferences. So, for instance, take this beautiful pair of glasses inspired by this year’s Chinese horoscope sign, the pig.

These fashionable spectacles came to fulfil our dearest customer desires to wear this year something to praise the sweet and funny pig, which is why we did our best to use the best customised lenses in Singapore, along with qualitative materials and, of course, the shape of a pig. What is even more intriguing about our services, is that we encourage our customers to use their creativity and even draw the desired glasses shape on a paper, which will we use to design their unique spectacles.

Our recommendation for the year 2019: The pig as a symbol of wealth in Chinese horoscope

Customised spectacles - Piggy sunglasses with prescription
Custom made CNY 2019 Piggy sunglasses with prescription

In 2019, the Chinese Year of the Pig started on 5th of February and it will end on 24th January 2020. Being the year of the pig, it is considered that it will be a year of fortune and luck. Simply said, if we take a closer look on the Chinese zodiac, we will see that it suggests this year is perfect for making money and invest, but never forget that the pig attracts success in all the spheres of life.

Pigs might not be easily observed in a crowd, but instead they come with an optimistic personality and a pro-active approach. The pig is the sign for those that praise themselves and focus on enjoying life, but at the same time act responsible and do not waste unnecessary money. It is true this sig is a bit materialistic, but for them it acts as some kind of motivation to work hard and achieve everything they desire. Holding items in their hands is what offers security.

Year of the Pig: Personality according to the Chinese Zodiac

Happy Chinese New Year 2019
Wishing prosperity and good health to everybody!

Pigs are full of energy, always excited and enthusiastic, even in boring situations! When it comes to work, they are patient enough to undergo routine actions, yet when the opportunity occurs, they do not hesitate to take power and benefit from the status. Moreover, they truly think that only those that have power can also exercise the right to speak freely, being the thing they desire most (Wikipedia).

Men born in the Chinese Year of the Pig

Men Born in the Chinese Year of the Pig
Cute buns shaped for CNY 2019

Men that are born in the Chinese year of the Pig are usually full of life, optimistic and kind. Their most important characteristic is that they are very focused, which means that if they have a purpose, they`ll invest all their energy to achieve the said thing. Anyhow, they do not quite manage to keep their money, because they are trustworthy and usually function based on the principle of the benefit of the doubt. Men born in the sign of the Pig are discreet, enjoy achieving new skills and at the same time they have a hard time managing words, somehow lacking social skills.

Women born in the Chinese Year of the Pig

Women Born in the Chinese Year of the Pig
Many ways to celebrate CNY 2019…

Women born in the year of the Pig are full of energy, constantly moving around and emerging in all sorts of activities. Being genuine, they find out it is extremely facile to interact with others and they manage to gain everyone’s trust due to this easy-going personality. A downside might be the fact that in some cases they forget to give personal space to their loved ones. These women are hardworking and benefit from good fortune.

How personalized spectacles will get you the best in the Pig Year?

Parade for Chinese New Year 2019 in Chinatown, Singapore
Parade for CNY 2019 in Chinatown, Singapore

So, with this small introduction in what signifies the Chinese New Year of the Pig, you might wonder how this helps you to choose the best pair of glasses in Singapore. Well, the truth is the answer is quite simple: everything is closely linked to the lucky things for the Year of the Pig.

Yellow, grey or brown are the luckiest colours for pigs, so we strongly encourage you to design a pair of spectacles in such colours, that will look both bold and intriguing.  Also, the thing that brings luck in the year of the pig is the mineral agate, which is popular due to the interesting colour pattern it has. Dark red, orange, grey, yellow, white, deep blue or alabaster are all colours that mix and match on the surface of agate. So, why not consider a personalized pair of glasses that comes with different colours on your frame?

Customised spectacles - Piggy sunglasses with prescription
Custom made CNY 2019 Piggy sunglasses with prescription

We actually had a customer that opted for this type of design, choosing a golden-like frame and personalized lenses shaped in the form of a pig. The extra touch of both light and dark pink, made that pair of custom-made spectacles one of a kind! We guarantee you won’t find such service anywhere else.

Visio Optical custom shapes spectacles

Customised spectacles - Piggy sunglasses with prescription
Custom made CNY 2019 Piggy sunglasses with prescription

So, as the title of the article suggests, our motto is simple and direct: life is too short to wear boring glasses. We offer a wide range of services, but we mostly focus on fulfilling your needs. Unique shapes, specially designed for you, engraved lenses, funny, geometric or cheerful designs – all are meant to give you the best pair of spectacles ever!

Chinese New Year 2019 Celebrations
CNY 2019 celebrations

Our team uses good quality materials for frame and lenses, and follows closely the customer’s suggestions. You can draw, bring a picture or simply tell us what you desire most, and we assure you we will transform your dream into reality. So, don’t waste time with common spectacles! Contact us today and get you pair of stylish spectacles with customised lenses! LEARN MORE

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