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The Levi's brand is one of the most well known, impactive brands worldwide. It's contributions to the pop culture and style landscapes transcend fashion's fleeting moments. Levi's Eyewear accomplishes just that with its new eyewear collection: eye-catching styles, easy fit and comfort...all with the signature Levi's Red Tab of quality.

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The Levi's Lady Style eyewear collection resonances with the denim ethos of Levi's Lady Style: classic femininity with retro glamour. Mesmerizing fun and girly charm is the soul of Levi's Lady Style eyewear collection. Available in a myriad of trendsetting colours, it effortlessly defines the individuality of every glamour girl.

With its chic, easy to mix and match design and superb quality, Levi's Lady Style eyewear will be the must-wear item for every uptown girls who like to mix and match for different looks.

Levi’s combines simplicity, vibrant colours and fresh design in their sunglasses range. These fashion forward frames will provide great company and comfort to you anytime, anywhere.

Seasons and fashion aside, sun protection remains the primary objective of eyewear – but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. This super sleek pair of Levi’s has you and your eyes covered on all fronts.  The large, full rim purple acetate frame boasts dark purple tinted polycarbonate lenses that offer 100% UV protection – complete with a designer case and lens cloth. Lightweight sexy frames –exclusively designed for serious fashionistas.

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