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Zeiss Customised Single Vision Lenses

ZEISS Single Vision Individual:

High-tech customised for your eyes.

ZEISS Single Vision Individual (Clarlet Individual) embodies the entire, outstanding technological know-how and optical excellence of Carl Zeiss Vision.


Your benefits:

  • Optimum vision in all directions
  • Excellent vision right to the edge of the lens, even with high prescriptions
  • Outstanding wearer tolerance, also with high cylinders and prismatic corrections
  • Superb visual clarity and colour perception
  • Relaxed Vision with minimum eye fatique and natural contrast sensitivity

... and the secrets of the microcosm to provide you with unlimited visual excellence.

For more than 160 years now, Carl Zeiss has stood for excellence in the field of optical technology. With countless pioneering innovations and milestones, Zeiss has played our part in achieving a better understanding of the world we live in – in both the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Ultra Vision Competence:

ZEISS Single Vision Individual (Clarlet Individual) incorporates all Zeiss expertise and know-how.
  • Individualised for every power.

Only optimisation for every individual power can ensure that the wearer always enjoys outstanding ranges of vision. This is particularly important for higher cylinder powers and prismatic prescriptions.

  • “Real time“ optimisation

To achieve the optimum design for every wearer, each lens design is calculated online by the ZEISS optical design software engine, using the wearer’s exact prescription and his or her individual parameters, immediately prior to fabrication.

  • Freeform production makes it all possible.

Carl Zeiss Vision is a pioneer in the field of freeform technology for progressive lenses. This production method is also used for ZEISS Single Vision Individual (Clarlet Individual) in order to transfer the design optimised for each individual power directly and precisely to the surface of the lens.


Zeiss IndividualAlan Bean documents the Apollo 12 mission. The camera features a Carl Zeiss lens specially produced for use in outer space.


Zeiss IndividualGoogle Earth sees with ZEISS eyes. On the Internet we can see the surface of the Earth from a bird’s-eye perspective.
Most planes and satellites used to capture these images are equipped with lenses from Carl Zeiss.


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