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CooperVision Biomedics Family

CooperVision Biomedics

Biomedics Family.

The perfect combination of comfort, convenience and great vision.


Biomedics Disposable Contact Lenses

The Biomedics family of products provide a number of value-for-money contact lens wearing options. These range from monthly replacement to disposable contact lenses, including a daily disposable toric lens option for those with astigmatism.


Biomedics 1 day Extra Biomedics 1 day Extra

Your most natural, comfortable daily contact lens wearing experience.


Biomedics 1 day Extra toric Biomedics 1 day Extra toric

All the great things about daily disposables for those with astigmatism.


Biomedics 55 Evolution Biomedics 55 Evolution

Enjoy clearer, crisper, sharper vision.


Biomedics 55 UV Biomedics 55 UV

Excellent extended wear contact lenses with great value for money.


Biomedics 38 Biomedics 38

Exceptionally smooth for optimal movement and wearing comfort.


Biomedics toric Biomedics toric

A hydrogel toric lens that gives you crisp, clear vision all day long.